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Fee cuts for nursing and teaching but big hikes for law and humanities in package expanding university places

  • Written by Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra

The federal government will fund an extra 39,000 university places by 2023 in a package that will restructure the amounts students have to pay for courses to encourage them to “make more job-relevant choices”.

Under the plan to produce “job-ready graduates”, to be outlined on Friday by Education Minister Dan Tehan, those...

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Dinosaur footprints show predators as big as 'T. rex' stomped across Australia 160 million years ago

  • Written by Anthony Romilio, PhD, Independent Researcher, The University of Queensland
Dinosaur footprints show predators as big as 'T. rex' stomped across Australia 160 million years agoShutterstock/Author provided

Perhaps the most iconic dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex, a massive predator that lived in what is now North America. We have now discovered that carnivorous dinosaurs of a similar size existed in ancient Australia as well.

Dinosaur footprints show predators as big as 'T. rex' stomped across Australia 160 million years agoThe giant dinosaurs of Queensland were slightly smaller than the largest known T. rex (shown in...

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Employers, schools, take note. Coronavirus 'clearance certificates' are a waste of everybody's time

  • Written by Lauren Ball, Associate Professor/ Principal Research Fellow, Griffith University
Employers, schools, take note. Coronavirus 'clearance certificates' are a waste of everybody's timeShutterstock

Last week, my two-year-old niece was sent home from daycare for having a runny nose – a sin that would otherwise be commonplace on a windy winter’s day.

The daycare centre instructed my sister she would need to produce a medical certificate “clearing” my niece of COVID-19 before she would be allowed to return to...

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COVID-19 recession is different – and we need more stimulus to deal with it.

  • Written by Richard Holden, Professor of Economics, UNSW
COVID-19 recession is different – and we need more stimulus to deal with it.Shutterstock

Australia has done well on the public health front during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to decisive action by the National Cabinet in March. Australia has done better than most countries on the economic front, too, thanks to the federal government’s large fiscal measures.

But we are at a crossroads.

By September, we may well have...

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