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Diet Trends in 2023 and what we can expect

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Plant-based eating has quickly become a worldwide trend driven by sustainability concerns and health benefits associated with increasing plant consumption. This eating style encompasses veganism and vegetarianism as well as more flexible forms like flexitarianism.

Mindful eating has seen an upsurge among consumers. This practice includes slowing down while eating, enjoying each bite fully and limiting distractions while dining.

Plant-Based Diets

A plant-based diet refers to any eating pattern consisting of whole, minimally processed vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains -- such as vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains -- without including meat products of any kind. Plant-based diets have numerous health advantages as they tend to be high in fiber, vitamins A-K as well as potassium calcium and iron content that makes up its foundation. Many Australians decided to support their plant-based diet by taking Via Keto Gummies.

Interest in plant-based diets has seen significant surge, possibly as a result of popular documentaries like Game Changer (2017), What the Health (2017) and Cowspiracy (2014); or it could simply be because an increasing number of people wish to limit their meat consumption for health reasons.

One person registered as vegan every 2.4 seconds for this year's Veganuary challenge! Unilever's Nutrition Strategy Director Maxim Yermolayev and Ice Cream Innovation Lead Fatma Tek predict that plant-based eating will become the food trend to watch by 2023.

Not necessarily; just because a food is labeled 'plant-based' doesn't guarantee its health benefits. Vegetarians and vegans alike may still consume too much saturated fat, sugar and salt which could negatively impact their health - even when eating plenty of fruits and veggies like iron, vitamin D and zinc.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As more people embrace veganism, many are also opting for a plant-forward diet. This trend is likely to continue into 2023 as consumers increasingly search for meat alternatives sourced from responsible, sustainable farms as well as produce that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Native ingredients are becoming an increasingly popular trend, which is good news for diners who seek healthier meal options while still experiencing new flavors. Chefs can support this trend through easy preparation techniques that focus on balance and variety - for instance combining vegetables and lean proteins together can produce delectable dishes with great flavour.

More diners are asking restaurants to only use eco-friendly packaging, with 55% spending more money on products with eco-friendly packages according to a recent study.

One major change that will impact how we eat is the surge in low-salt, low-sugar beverages as a response to COVID-19 pandemic; this trend is projected to continue through 2023 with more drinks featuring clean labels free from artificial flavorings and sweeteners.

Functional Foods

Although all foods provide energy and nutrients needed for life, certain ones have specific functions that may improve health outcomes such as lowering chronic disease risks, improving mood or even preventing cancer. Such foods or drinks are known as functional foods or drinks and have become increasingly popular.

Functional foods contain probiotics, prebiotic fibers, vitamins, botanicals or other supplements specifically tailored to address health needs and address wellness concerns such as digestive comfort, immunity support, weight loss or stress relief. Many functional food products utilize upcycling - the reuse of plant components that would otherwise go to waste and processing them into new food or drink products - in their formulation.

2023 is poised to see an increased consumption of functional foods and beverages with added health benefits such as immune support or improved bone health. Furthermore, more emphasis will be placed on eating plant-based food while decreasing consumption of highly processed options.

No matter which of these trends takes hold, nutritionists agree that healthy eating involves more than simply eliminating certain foods. Instead, it involves creating a sustainable relationship with food in which you can enjoy all your favourites in moderation while listening to what your body tells you it needs.

Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully means paying attention to each bite you take and paying attention to the cues from your body for hunger. Eating this way is a healthy way of appreciating food, and may help reduce binge eating and negative emotions associated with meals. In addition, mindful eating allows us to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger so that we can eat when hungry and stop when full.

As more people adopt plant-based diets, we're seeing innovative ways of including fruits and vegetables in your meals. You might see more kale pasta or jackfruit pizza, plus mushrooms seaweed kelp creations. This trend should be encouraged since it promotes more sustainable ways of eating.

Mindful eating has recently gained increasing traction as an effective method for combatting disordered eating and improving overall health. However, mindful eating alone should not be seen as a treatment solution and should never replace medical interventions for disordered eating disorders.

While diet trends seem set in stone, it's still wise to remain cognizant of your individual dietary needs and preferences. Speak to a ZOE nutritionist about how best to nourish yourself for success - they can recommend foods that will keep you feeling vibrant and healthy into 2023!

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