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Where to sell my car in Sydney

  • Written by NewsServices.com

Many used car owners in Sydney want to sell their used car. Depending on the reason, whether it is not wanting or being able to drive anymore, a desire for an upgrade or because the car is just too old or damaged to be driven, will often depend on where it would be best to sell the car.

There are many cash for car places in Sydney and ways to sell a used car that is in good condition. Whether you opt to sell it yourself or would rather get rid of it quickly and easily will determine where or how you would go about selling your used vehicle. However, there are not many places where one can sell a car that is in no condition to be driven.

Selling old or damaged cars

Old or damaged cars are often left behind because people just don’t know what to do with them or where to take them. Getting rid of old junk can also be costly and often not worth the money.  Not if you sell your clunker to the scrap yard. Scrap yards usually will buy any vehicle from you no matter what size, shape, or condition it is in.

Most scrap yards will give you a free over the phone quote for your vehicle when you call them. If you are happy with the quote, you can arrange for your car to be picked up at a tie that suits you. Most car yards such as cash for car buyer have a free car removal service where they will pick up your vehicle free of charge. Usually, the transaction is completed on pick up day. the driver will pay you (often cash) for your car and take it away.

Selling used Cars in good condition

As mentioned above, there are many places where used cars in good condition can be sold. The most common method of sale for owners is selling their vehicle privately. There are a few things that will help increase the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell online.

The first is to fix any dents and scratches the vehicle may have. If your vehicle is in need of some minor cosmetic repairs, then getting that done before you take pictures and advertise your car could possibly increase viewer interest as well as increase the value of your car. It would also help if you had the vehicle cleaned internally and externally. A sparkly clean vehicle always grabs the attention of serious buyers.

Next would be to take as many pictures as possible of the vehicle. Taking pictures from different parts and angles of the car will give viewers an idea of not only the make and model of the vehicle but also what condition it is in.  

Advertising the vehicle is the final stage. It's important to be prepared to answer any questions interested parties may have about the vehicle. Questions like ‘how many k’s it's done’ or ‘whether it's auto or manual’ are very common. Often the answers to these questions can be found in the description. But many people do not read the description. Once a vehicle has caught their attention, they tend to contact the owner instantly with any questions they may have regarding the car.

If dealing with customers and constantly answering questions is not your cup of tea, then selling your vehicle privately is probably not the way to go. Another convenient and less stressful way to sell your used car at a price that suits you is to sell it at the auction.

 Selling a vehicle at the auction is an effective way to sell a car without the hassle of dealing with customers. Auctions are held on a weekly basis with many serious buyers attending. If you want to sell your car for a certain price, then you can set a reserve price on the vehicle. That way the car cannot be sold (unless you say otherwise) if the set price is not reached.

Many used car owners in Sydney looking to sell their vehicle find themselves in a pickle. Selling a used car can take some time and the whole experience can be stressful and draining. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can choose to sell your car in a manner that will suit your busy lifestyle if you find that you don’t have much time to spare or much energy left at the end of the day.  

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