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Be it a birthday party, a wedding event, a formal office event or a get-together, in either case, you need to pre-plan for the event. If it’s a small gathering then you might be able to pull off arranging the event yourself. Which includes, decorations, selecting the venue, cooking food for the party and serve the food yourself. But if you are inviting a large number of people then it becomes nearly impossible to do everything yourself. You need to hire professionals who will help you decorate the venue, do arrangements and cater food for the event.

What is Catering?

Catering services take the food aspect of the event under its control, meaning they provide food service to a remote location in the absence of a specialized room. Catering Sydney is the provision of restaurant services in places remote from food service outlets. When you need to arrange a festive or business lunch in the office, a banquet in a country house or a barbecue in the meadow, then you need to contact them.

Responsibilities of the catering employees include:

  • Providing food for company employees directly in the offices.

  • Field service to private clients and legal entities.

  • Event services.

  • Retail sales of finished meals.

As a result, company employees take on the responsibilities of cooks and waiters in the fullest sense of these words.

Key Services and Tasks

Organization of catering services includes:

  • Full organization of client space.

  • Service by connoisseurs of the intricacies of the restaurant business.

  • Compilation of the menu.

  • Providing the premises with the necessary furniture and serving elements, tablecloths and napkins, chair covers.

  • Preparation of the venue.

A one-time event is agreed in advance to determine the situation and make a list of necessary things, to discuss the scope of services. The preparatory period takes a considerable period. Installation of the necessary equipment and decoration of the room also requires attention.

Employees of catering companies provide:

  • Lease of equipment necessary for food preparation;

  • Catering services in shopping centers and office buildings;

  • Food delivery for hotel guests;

  • Maintenance of search gaming competitions;

  • Organization of picnics of various sizes;

  • Provision of conditions (rider) to artists;

  • Banquet service;

  • Preparation and holding of anniversaries;

  • Solving organizational issues for the preparation of VIP-banquets and providing the holiday with everything necessary;

  • Providing the army and police units with food;

  • Creating a festive atmosphere and providing meals for guests of the city, as well as public holidays, events and events;

  • Providing food for medical and educational institutions (hospitals, medical centers, schools, gymnasiums, kindergartens);

  • The formation of catering points on tourist routes, bases, and streams;

  • The organization of proper nutrition for passengers and employees of enterprises, the main focus of which was a transfer.

Catering is a process that takes place in three main forms. Due to the characteristics of each of the forms, which has several differences from the others, the necessary ideas for catering are more accurately formed.

Common forms include:

  • Preparation of meals and the provision of departure services;

  • Outdoor cooking and on-site service;

  • The contract for the creation of dishes and the organization of courier delivery to certain institutions.

Special Forms

Moreover, each of them includes several special forms:

1. Providing catering services for an event or event called time-catering. Such services are the result of a short-term, one-time contract. They provide all necessary corporate events, celebrations, exhibitions, conferences.

2. Serving enterprises remote from public catering facilities on a contractual basis following the concluded agreements. This delivery of office meals is called place catering.

3. Providing meals for employees and passengers of transport lines of any format, called transport catering.

4. The production of food and the sale of dishes with delivery to the client or “takeaway”. The delivery service can be part of the company or collaborate as a separate company. Such catering is called culinary.

Depending on the clientele, catering can be a mass or VIP service provided for an individual or a group of persons in the form of high-class service and “high” cuisine.

Catering is provided by the working base of the central enterprise and the delivery of finished products with on-site customer service in remote locations. Additionally, catering provides work in the territory selected by the customer. At the same time, food production is being established directly on the spot with the help of technologies adapted to mobile relocation.

Catering Service Formats

Following are some types of catering that you can choose from, depending on your event:

1. A coffee break

If a client organizes a conference, training or seminar, it will not work without a break to spend the whole day in a stuffy room. In such cases, a coffee break is ordered from a catering company. This service creates the conditions for organizing a snack for guests, which allows participants to relax, put their thoughts in order and relax before a new act of action. The coffee break menu includes light dishes (coffee, juices, teas, rolls, croissants, cookies, sandwiches).


Reception is a more official format. They resort to it during presentations, exhibitions, and other similar events. The buffet menu has an expanded assortment, while the dishes are arranged so that each guest chooses their favorite food and puts it on a plate on their own. When preparing a buffet table, more effort is required than in the previous format. Both the scale of this action and the purpose of the snack break will affect the work. In small rooms, the buffet table does not require tables. If there is enough room in the room for installing sofas, then the company employees will take advantage of the chance. The organization of such corners will create coziness and convenience for guests.


The banquet is the most difficult option for organizing the service. Banquet preparation involves many aspects. Work includes creating enough seats for guests at the tables. There is a need for sufficient personnel in the service sector. Chefs develop a menu that includes dishes from different culinary groups.


The event, involving an open and free atmosphere of guests at the tables. Representatives of the service staff move around the free space, offering visitors all kinds of drinks and light snacks. The menu includes an extensive selection of simple gourmet dishes.


This type of service format is taken place outdoors, with the preparation of festive dishes next to guests in the open air in a festive meadow. The barbecue menu is filled with grilled vegetables and meat dishes, an extensive selection of fresh salads.

Benefits of Catering

Thanks to catering services, organizing the holiday and significant events have been made simpler. Before organizing a simple event would take hours of planning and cumbersome work now it's much easier.

Catering services not only provide convenience but it reduces the stress of the person organizing the event. Also, the menu is adjusted according to the taste and theme of the holiday event, without being too restricted in the menu. Even for those who previously did not know what catering is, the services of companies create the conditions for complete relaxation, in which it is easy to forget about the preparatory fuss and worries. It is only necessary to clearly outline the responsibilities of the employees of the enterprise.


Organizing an event is a laborious task but if you have to cook for the event then imagine how tired you would be. Therefore you should always hire a professional catering company that would meet your requirements and budget to successfully plan your event. You can be in charge of decoration and selecting the venue for the event and let the catering company take care of the food aspect of your event. Hopefully, with the above tips, you will be able to pull off a successful event in a stress free manner.

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