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Time is money at cafés and bakeries. The employees must deliver good quality drinks and bakeries for people on the go and customers who want to dig their teeth in a good cake as quickly as possible; otherwise, it can impact the business’ reputation. Therefore, efficiency is key. 

 Luckily, there are tools that can help speed up things. 

Using A Cream Charger

Whether for the coffee or the pastry, whipped cream can be an excellent addition for the customers. But when there is the need to use whipped cream for 50 cakes, it can seem like a lot to whip up litres of cream. Instead, the cream charger can whip up the cream instantly. Just insert the cream charger into the whipper dispenser, pull the trigger, and the fluffy whipped cream will come out of the nozzle.  

This is where nangs delivery Melbourne comes into the picture. For those evenings when bakers need nangs to prepare for the next day’s bakeries, KingWhip is a reliable service that delivers them in no time.

The Benefits Of Using A Cream Whipper

There are several advantages of using a cream whipper for daily pastries and drinks. Sometimes, when whipped cream is made with a mixer, it often doesn’t take long before it is over-whipped and no longer has the right consistency.  

The cream is aerated with a dispenser, meaning the quality and texture will be the same every time. Not only does this ensure the quality, but it also saves precious time. Instead, staff will have time to make other drinks and serve other customers. This can also save money, as staff won’t have to go out and buy store-bought whipped cream every time.

New Ways of Using Whipped Cream

For the baristas, whipped cream can be a way to innovate the drinks. There are several types of cream chargers, such as the ones with different flavours like caramel and coffee cream, which can help create new drinks.  

In short, whipped cream can take the drinks to the next level. Bakers can also try to add flavoured cream to pastries, for example, mixing them with new flavours such as matcha or yuzu. 

Using A Delivery Service 

For the business to run well, a good supplier is needed. The  cream whippers doing the work  need cream chargers in order to whip the foam. KingWhip is a trustworthy and popular supplier amongst people of Melbourne, since they take little time to deliver nangs - only one hour. This way, you will never miss out on any cream chargers.  

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