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7 Best YouTube Channels from Australia

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If you're an avid YouTube user, you may have heard of YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers several benefits, including ad-free videos, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and access to exclusive content. While some may see the $14.99 per month price tag as steep, those who use YouTube frequently may find the benefits worth it. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's dive into the 7 Best YouTube Channels from Australia.


Superwog - Comedy Channel

The Superwog channel features hilarious skits and sketches that will have you laughing out loud. The channel is run by Theo and Nathan Saidden, two brothers from Melbourne who have been making videos for over a decade. With over 3 million subscribers, Superwog is one of the most popular comedy YouTube channels in Australia.

How to Cook That - Baking Channel

How to Cook That is a channel run by Ann Reardon, a baking expert from Sydney. Her videos feature everything from delicious desserts to creative baking challenges. If you're looking to improve your baking skills, this is the channel for you. With over 4.7 million subscribers, How to Cook That is one of the most popular baking channels in Australia.

Planet Dolan - Animated Channel

Planet Dolan is a channel run by a group of Australians who create animated videos on a variety of topics. From educational videos to funny skits, Planet Dolan has something for everyone. With over 5 million subscribers, it's clear that their content is loved by many.

Shammi - Beauty and Lifestyle Channel

Shammi is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger from Perth. Her videos feature makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and life advice. With over 200,000 subscribers, Shammi's channel is one of the most popular beauty channels in Australia.

RackaRacka - Action and Comedy Channel

RackaRacka is a channel run by two brothers from Adelaide who specialize in creating action-packed videos. Their videos feature epic battles and stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat. With over 8 million subscribers, RackaRacka is one of the most popular action and comedy YouTube channels in Australia.

How Ridiculous - Stunts and Challenges Channel

How Ridiculous is a channel run by a group of friends from Perth who specialize in creating videos of themselves performing insane stunts. Their videos feature everything from insane basketball shots to jumping off of cliffs. With over 5 million subscribers, How Ridiculous is one of the most popular stunts and challenges YouTube channels in Australia.

Bondi Harvest - Healthy Eating Channel

Bondi Harvest is a channel run by two friends from Sydney who create videos on healthy eating and living. Their videos feature delicious recipes and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. With over 300,000 subscribers, Bondi Harvest is one of the most popular healthy eating channels in Australia.

In conclusion, Australia has produced some of the best YouTubers in the world, and these channels are a testament to their talent and creativity. From comedy to baking, action, and stunts, and healthy eating, there's something for everyone on YouTube. So, go ahead and subscribe to these amazing channels and enjoy their content.

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