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We recommend paying attention to the following types of bets on the Australian Football League:

* For the team to win. As in all sports, in Australian football, the main bets are placed on the victory of one of the teams. At the same time, you can also bet on the victory of one of the teams, not only in the game itself, but also in any of the periods;

* Bets on the victory of one of the teams with a handicap. In Australian football, it is common for one team to beat the other by a wide point margin, which is why handicap betting is very popular in the sport;

* Check. Bookmakers accept bets on the total number of points scored by teams in a game. You can also bet on the number of points scored by the team individually - both in the entire match and in each period;

* Bets on the results of the season. In bookmakers you can place long-term bets on the AFL. Bookmakers offer the player to choose the team that will win the championship at the end of the season, as well as bet on the title of the best player of the past championship.

Who will be the winner in the new season?

Geelong and Richmond, as they did last season, remain favorites given their lineups.

Geelong's dominance on the field will be slightly hampered by the loss of Tim Kelly. Last year's victorious grand finalist, Greater Western Sydney, has slightly weakened due to the ongoing line-up rotation. Last year's surprise, the Brisbane Lions, could drop a bit in the standings this year. It is expected that player injuries will not affect their position in the tournament bracket, as they did last season.

Port Adelaide and Hawthorn are expected to improve significantly in the new season after the strengthening of the squad. The Hawks can also play better. The return of Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell, the signing of Jonathan Patton and a contract extension with James Vorpela should boost their rankings. This season they plan to play many tours without spectators. With home games generating 9 percent more points for the home team according to AFL statistics, things will level out in 2022.

How to bet on the Australian Football League

For example, consider the bookmaker Mostbet Aze in Azerbaijan. What do you need to do to bet on the AFL?

  1. Registration at the bookmaker Mostbet az;
  2. ID confirmation;
  3. Making a deposit;
  4. Event selection;
  5. Choosing the type of bet on AFL;
  6. Placement confirmation.

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