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Watching movies is a good way to bond over popcorns and sugary drinks. It's a good stress reliever, a little break from long hours of hard work. With movies, you get to see the masterpiece of some of the creative geniuses and immerse yourself in their little world. You become socially aware of what’s happening in some parts of the world, among others.

However, do you enjoy watching movies at home or in the cinemas? If you prefer staying in, then you might want to check out this guide to build and set up your movie theater at the comforts of your home:

  • Choose A Suitable Theme

You can find inspiration at Pinterest for your home theater. You can go for something a little dark, or fun, or maybe something that’s kid-friendly. Choosing the best theme will add to your overall experience. 

Don't forget to refrain from adding elements that reflect light; it’ll only distract you. Additionally, dim lighting sets the mood; strategically put the lights where needed, like at the door or snack bar. Finally, cover your windows with black-lit curtains.

  • Get A Big Screen

Choose good quality tv or a projector; whichever you prefer, the difference between a tv a projector include the following:

  • * TVs with big screen sizes are far more expensive. In comparison, you can get a big screen size out of a small projector.
  • * TVs are easier to set up, but you can't bring them anywhere. Whereas projectors are more portable. 
  • * HDR (High Dynamic Range) is better with TV as it’s a problem with projectors, and projectors tend to have paler picture quality. 
  • * TVs create shows brighter images over projectors. In comparison, projectors' image quality is highly dependent on the setup.

But if you don't mind either of these and want to save money, you can get a projector.

  • Look For The Best Sound Quality

Find something close to having surround sound in the room. Don't forget to soundproof the room if you live with other people, so they don't get bothered by the noise. You can consider getting five or six speakers: center speaker, left and right speaker, left rear and right rear speaker, and perhaps a subwoofer.

  • * Center Speaker: to get clearer vocals and dialogues. 
  • * Left And Right Speaker: this produces stereo sounds from left and right channels. 
  • * Left And Right Rear Speaker: this produces surround sounds from the left and right channels. 
  • * Subwoofer: boosts low frequency from sound channels.

  • Use The Comfiest Sofa Or Get Recliner Seats

Find the comfiest sofa you can get and add pillows, blankets, or comforters. Cinemas don't offer this kind of luxury so take advantage. Sofas have a much bigger space and a lot of people can sit. You can't easily move the sofa around. 

Recliners can be adjusted to your desired position and won't take up much space. Recliners are also more expensive and heavier than sofas.

  • Prepare Snacks

Stock up the room with your favorite snacks and drinks. Some suggested snacks are hotdogs, pizza, burger and fries, popcorn, slushies, and carbonated drinks.  

Why are popcorns the preferred snacks at movie theaters? It won't cost much, even in large quantities, and no special skills are required to make them. It smells amazing too. Now, you have the option to add different flavors to your popcorn. 

Here are some reasons why it’s better to watch at home rather than from the cinemas:

  • * You can get comfortable and freely do what you want. You can multitask or do other things while watching, like crocheting. 
  • * You can watch movies at your preferred time.  
  • * You can sit wherever you feel much comfortable. 
  • * You can pause and play whenever you want without people complaining in the background.  
  • * You can adjust the volume freely. 
  • * You can go to the restroom without worrying about missing the good stuff. You can even rewind the best scenes. 
  • * You can openly discuss the film or series without people shushing you. 
  • * Most cinemas only show the movie and the post-credit scene. You can see everything from behind-the-scenes footage to bloopers if you are watching from home. 
  • * You get unlimited snack options to choose from. There is some food you cannot bring inside the movie theater. 
  • * You have the privacy to express your feelings. You can cry or laugh out loud without worrying about what other moviegoers would think about you.


These are only some ways to make your movie experience close to watching from the movie theaters. Additionally, not everyone has extra space for a movie theater. However, you can still follow this guide and watch from your living room or even bedroom with a few adjustments here and there. It should still suffice as a good place to watch your favorite movies or tv series.


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