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  • Written by Greg Rogers

I have read some reviews of "A girl and an astronaut" following its release on Netflix. One reviewer wrote a rather shallow review that had one major theme; that the series was boring. The writer went on to say that the story would be better suited to a movie length feature. My view is that the reviewer failed to understand the nuances and complexity of the narrative.

Life is complex. People's lives are buffeted about by the choices that they make and the reality of the times in which they live. Lives can be long and there will be changes of direction on the time travel that is life. My view is that it would not be possible to showcase the multiple life stories in the mini series within the constraints of a ninety minute feature film.

It seems to me that the mini series had a large budget. As a result, the settings are as much a part of the story as the people whose lives we glimpse as they move through times and relationships. I do not live in Europe and therefore the locations are important as they informed me about the Polish environment, both man made and natural, in which the characters move through life.

Ecclesiastes 11:9  says this - "Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; Walk in the ways of your heart, And in the sight of your eyes;"

My view is that "young man" is about our species rather than one gender and therefore the advice ( and permission from "God" ) applies equally to men and women.

When the story begins, Marta is rejoicing in her youth. She seeks fun and excitement and we ( because it is a mini series and not a movie ) vicariously enjoy her life for six hours, as she encounters men, women, parties, bars, fast cars, fast motor bikes and sex.

To me, Marta's story is the object of the mini series.

Flights in fast jets, space travel, time travel, her female friends, her family and the men who pursue her, in two times and places, are the settings and circumstances of Marta's life.

Shakespeare is the quintessential teller of tales of personal tragedy.  His plays and sonnets have for centuries, brought countless readers to tears. The ending of "A girl and an astronaut" brought me to tears.

Martha rejoiced in her youth and while being buffeted by circumstances and a richness of suitors, chose one man with whom she wanted to share her life.

Things did not go well.

A scientist with his own objectives diverted her life plans.

The Russian state and its operatives, also interfered with her plan for a happy life with the man she chose.

As the title of the mini series suggests, this Netflix feature is about a "girl"; a young, beautiful, intelligent and assertive woman, rejoicing in her youth.

Watch ( binge on ) this mini series with that focus and you will see that it is not boring.

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