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Since online gambling has become so popular among Australian players, they need to know how to properly do it. There are a lot of already licensed casino brands which offer unique games and promotions, for example, Golden Crown. There you can learn a lot about the different types of games and also how to place a deposit for the first time.

To make everything even more comfortable, we have prepared this article for you to get detailed instructions on how to be safe while gambling. For this purpose, we have listed the most important topics and things you need to know so you can recognise a legal brand.

What is Online Gambling?

Online gambling is the most convenient way to gamble these days. There are many ways to gamble online. It comes in many forms and includes different virtual activities such as online poker, sports betting, and online casino games. Online gambling is currently restricted in many countries, but there are also many places where it requires a certain licence to be legal.

When Was Gambling Legalised in Australia?

Online gambling Australia has a long history and has experienced a lot of changes over the years. It dates back to the previous century, and since then, it has been developing and changing its environment. 

Because Australia consists of 8 states, different forms of gambling have been recognised as legal at different times. The progress of gambling acceptance around the country was marked by many political and social events and has been a popular discussion subject.

Thanks to the technological and demographic development during this century, in 2003, gambling was finally legalised in the whole country. Since then, more and more Australians are getting involved in it. Now, gambling in Australia is one of the most thriving industries on the continent.

Steps on How to Gamble Online in Australia

After we have prepared our online gambling guide, we can give you the proper steps on how to gamble online. After going through them, you will find it very easy and will also protect yourself from fraud. Also, you will understand what the best way to gamble online is.

Online gambling in Australia legal will require you to follow these steps if you want to be successful:
  1. Finding out the best gambling sites
  2. Choosing your most favourite online games
  3. Playing online games for free
  4. Searching for strategies about how to win online
  5. Making sure you have good sources for guides, tips, and tricks

Find Out Which Online gambling site is the best.

The first question you should ask yourself is: "Where can I gamble online?". If you want to answer that, you need to do research to understand the best place to gamble online. It will require some time, but in the end, it will be worth it since you will avoid going to the wrong site and experience lousy service. There are many places where you can gamble online for real money and play for free. It depends on you how you will start, but we highly recommend trying the free option first.

Choose your favourite online gambling game.

Learning how to gamble, you will go through a lot of different games until you find out which one is suitable for you and which one you can benefit from the most. You can make a choice between playing online betting games, gambling online casino games, and online poker. Everything depends on your taste and interests, and you can always change the game if you want. 

Online gambling Australia legal activities allow you to choose a different game every day until you find the best way to gamble.

Play gambling games online for free first

Do not forget that almost every game you decide to try has its own demo version where you can play for a while without depositing anything. It will help you to make a better choice and deposit on the right game. We always recommend playing for free first, because we believe it makes your experience better and helps you gain more experience.

Find out how to win online gambling

Go on the Internet, and you are looking for the best way to win when you gamble online. You will definitely find a lot of different strategies. They can give you a lot of useful pieces of advice but at the same time can make a big mess in your head.

We have checked all of the information and have done a lot of on line gambling to give you the most useful strategies.

Choose a regulated casino site
  • Always play for free first
  • Never focus on the losses
  • Put limits on yourself
  • Do not use alcohol while playing
  • Always start with a small amount
  • Enjoy the game


Look for a useful casino guide online and for other opinions

Online gambling Australia legal gives you a lot of places where you can do online gambling. Suppose you are asking yourself, "Where can I gamble online for real money?". In that case, the best way to find it out is to use a casino guide and to read other players' opinions. It will help you to compare different brands and also different promotional gambling online games. 

An online casino guide will help you start your first game, depending on your professional skills.  

Is Online Gambling Fully Legal in Australia?

Online gambling in Australia is fully licensed, but you need to obtain a specific government regulation if you want to operate as an online casino. Without the regulation and the license, you will be fast blacklisted.

Except for online gambling, some land-based casinos are top-rated. They are all operating with a certain license, which needs to be obtained. Otherwise, you might be sanctioned if caught playing in such places. 

In addition, slot machines are also available for the players as they might be found in almost every bar and pub. They are known as video pokies, and people totally love playing on them.

Useful Tips on How to Make Money Gambling Online

If you want to be a really successful online gambler, you will need to follow some tips and tricks. Check the highlighted ones below:

  • Choosing the games you play wisely: You need to choose only the games you are really good at. If you run a game, you are not familiar with, the chance to lose your funds is huge.
  • Play only for fun: Gambling is created to provide you with fun and entertainment. If you start playing to win money, nothing good will come from this.
  • Practice the games for free first: Always try the different casino games for free first. This is an essential tip, especially if you are a newbie player. Almost every platform is going to provide you with the chance to play the pokies, for instance, with some virtual funds (demo money). Start playing using this option first and when you are sure enough in your skills, go on playing with real money.
  • Have self-discipline: If you do not have any self-discipline, you better not start playing at an online casino. Gambling is leading to addiction, and without any self-control, you will lose large amounts of cash.
  • In a moment of big wins or losses, tend to quit: Gambling online can bring you impressive streaks of wins or losses, respectively. If you are lucky enough or start losing massive amounts of money, you tend to quit before it is too late.

There are many other tips, though these are the most important. If you manage to follow them strictly, you can be a very successful online gambler.

How Much Does Australia Spend on Gambling?

It is calculated that in Australia, there are around 7 million people who are gambling regularly. They are spending around A$ 1,128 annually with a tendency of increasing. According to one of the latest surveys, more than 80% of the residents answered that they enjoy gambling, especially playing online pokies. The total amount of money that Australia spends on gambling is around A$ 12 billion each year. Compared to other countries, this is one huge number.


At the end of our journey, we hope we have managed to answer the most important questions - how can you gamble online legally in Australia, and is it legal at all. To sum up, yes, it is legal, but you will need to check the sites you visit very carefully. If they are not licensed, you might be forced to pay some taxes or, even worse, to get sanctioned by the local government. There is a chance to play in some offshore sites that are allowed but again, make sure you really know what you are doing. In our opinion, the article you have just read is very educational, and it can teach you about everything you need so you can be safe while gambling in Australia.

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