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  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Games are not only to pass the free time, but they are now a source of making money. You heard it right: there are many casinos and games that can help you earn some cash while passing your time. Have you heard of “True Blue casino no deposit bonus?” It is a term widely used in Australia for gambling games. Video games also help you sharpen your memory and increase your mental strength.

In this article, we will list ten hottest games for 2020. Let’s have a look:

Minecraft + 9 Hottest Games for 2020

Here’s a list of all top 10 games:

  1. Minecraft 
  2. Trove
  3. Roblox
  5. Starbound
  6. Fortnite 
  7. Stardew Valley
  8. Deep Rock Gelactic
  9. No Men’s Sky 
  10. Magic: The Gathering Arena 

Let’s get into more details for each game listed above:


Minecraft was developed by an independent Swedish developer - "Notch Persson.” Persson made the game available for download with no large studio behind it nor external investors. There was no carpet bombing promotional campaigns run by the developer for the game. 

Minecraft uses big, blocky graphics when gaming companies are trying to create more realistic graphics, and there is no curved line at sight. Narrow your eyes to the beginning of the 1980s, when you dropped into a game slot for the last quarter to play Frogger, among other things. The graphics of Minecraft look like they're from the 80’s style of gaming.   

Minecraft's blocky, retro-Legochic adds to the experience. Somehow, the relative abstract esthetic helps our imagination to overpower and fill the blanks of a true, stunning, idyllic, overwhelming, or frightening universe. Minecraft stops the classical pit from dropping very deep into the uncanny valley. It is a fantastic success for immersion.  

It's also a fairly open world, and outside players can link up or build their versions of the game using 'mods.' Minecraft's list of "mods" seems limitless.

Minecraft is an important game. It shows games that encourage people to express their creativity perform well and have great success. This is an essential landmark in the changing history of gaming and produces a genre with millions of happy players.  


Trove contains all the cube characters and mechanics you have used. Players can choose from multiple classes-such as Neon Ninja or Dino Tamer-and choose from 3 various specialty crafts. All these variations have their peculiarities, strengths, and limitations that make the team building more effective.  

There are several various levels from which you can function, and they vary in complexity and reward. Need not worry, however, that the core of this game is the same craftsman tic and imaginative spirit and its variations.  


If you have spent some time with games like Minecraft, the idea behind Roblox should sound familiar. The game-creation framework of David Baszucki includes all of the map manipulations that you have already used. There are even more options to influence the games that people play on your screen, meaning you can do everything from a simulation to a racing game. It's one of the best building games that you can play. 

You'll note quickly that the aesthetics are different slightly. Although everything is a block in Minecraft, Roblox looks more like Lego came to life. Roblox also has some cost-effectiveness as players can purchase, sell, and create virtual objects. You can even buy shoes, but you would need to sell them to a Builders Club member.  


Terraria is known as '2D Minecraft.' However, the fact is that much more needs to be done than that. 

The idea of the game is the same as your own goals: to create a fantastic house or a base of operations, to discover the distance, or to search for resources under the earth. If you start exploring Terraria and find out more about them, you will quickly discover much more at play.  

You can create NPCs that live and work in your bases, such as a nurse or an assistant, by fulfilling different goals. Each has different advantages, which is important. If bosses are to be defeated, the environment continues to advance, which expert modus end up the opening – more bosses, enemies, biomes, and objects. While the artistic independence of Terraria is not as accessible as it is in Minecraft, when it comes to battle, it provides far more. When you want to finish anything, you can settle in for a long time.  


Unlike Minecraft, Starbound offers you the freedom to fight, work, create, and explore the world solo or with friends online in an indefinitely randomly generated environment. Nevertheless, rather than roaming around a three-dimensional Minecraft map, Starboond has the freedom to move around a number of planets on a whim in the Terraria-Esque 2D setting. 

Wherever you are building a lovely log booth next to your friendly alien neighbours, running around the galaxy, and plundering or tossing bad guys in the world's most dangerous corners, Starbound's richly varied games will certainly attract all kinds of Minecraft fans.  


While Fortnite Battle Royale has exploded in popularity this year, Save The World has not seen much support for the other – and original – Fortnite game mode. It's shameful because it's a solid game and an excellent Minecraft alternative. This is unfortunately not (yet) as free to play as Battle Royale is, and the vast majority of Fortnite players are practically at a standstill.  

Combat mechanics are nearly similar between the two modes, so you work together to stave away the zombie horde instead of battling other players. It is an idea that was undoubtedly made to death, but Epic changes it up a bit by adding something of Minecraft on Left 4 Dead to its riff. You build and build your base and put building parts and traps as you want and then go out and complete missions around the world.  

You can play Fortnite: Save the world with up to three friends, and you can gain ability points to improve your characters when battling the undead together. Also, regularly planned celebrations occur to coincide with real-world holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, and you can celebrate with your friends regardless of your distance.


Agricultural activities in Minecraft are some of the most comfortable stuff, until a creeper reaches a large part of your land. If you still find yourself tending to your crops instead of building and mining, the Valley of Stardew will be up your path. 

It begins with the inheritance of your grandparents' old farm, which justifies for your character to flee the city and pursue it in the countryside on their own. In addition to your tailor-made home, you have to deal with a large land area that can be explained and built according to you, making space for many plants and animals. Going out of your farm takes you into the village, where the villagers can meet, go shopping, fishing, and even mining. Knowing the people of the place builds relationships, and you can marry the love of your life.   

The other escape from isolation is to take advantage of the Stardew Valley multiplayer by selling crops and livestock. It is helpful to have a couple more hands when you go into mines and fight hostile monsters. Also, Stardew Valley is one of the most soothing PC games and genuinely enjoyable experience.  


Deep Rock Galactic adopts the core idea of mining gold and valuables with Steam Early Access and has built an entire game around it while growing the sense of risk. Minecraft is, of course, a major part of mining because when you play vanilla, you get to dig a series of tunnels in the hope of finding gold.  

It is a massive extension of Deep Rock Galactic. This gives you a chance to pick your favourite party, team up with three mates, and plunge into "the most dangerous caves in the galaxy." It's a first-person shooter, not just a mining simulator, but also a random development for each cavern that you enter. And, like Minecraft, each time you play, you are going to learn something different.  

You may directly train to your goal or choose to build branch paths that explore the underground as much as possible. It is the malicious entities that will stand in your path that will influence your decisions. You have a large range of weapons to deal with these challenges, but you can keep them for a long time only until you have to sprint to the surface as much as you can bring.  


The small team behind No Man's Sky placed a lot of effort into producing the dream game many thought it would be initiated after a controversial launch on PC and PS4 in 2015. It is closer than ever because of a variety of enlargements, which have added basic structure, survival mode, and a 30-hour plot. However, the most critical change is online multiplayer – which makes No Man's Sky the game they always wanted to be for many people.  

And what's the Sky of No Man? In the broader context, discovery is concerned. You go on your way to the centre of the universe on a personal journey through several galaxies and planets. However, the goal of finally hitting the centre is just the driving force to know how good the game is. You will come across other smart animals, run into aggressive robots, record docile creatures, and get into wars in space.  

Give it another chance, if you were first delayed at the reception No Man's Sky, but still, have a particular affection for the initial dream. Update 2.0, beyond introduced much more content and enhanced elements such as simple design and missions to great success. The multiplayer experience is now far greater. It has drastically improved, and could even be known as Minecraft’s successor. You can build a house, a farm, harvest crops and convert your natural resources discovery into factories.


CCG titan Hearthstone is used to having far more card game experts than ever. Recent converts in games like the Gwent or The Elder Scrolls can take place: legend for thematic rolls which boast a couple of new mechanics, but you cannot do anything about Magic: The Gathering Arena if you want to be a real challenge. 

The new digital port of the legendary card game by Wizards from the Coast is certainly not a feeble one, as it is based on the card-playing game from 1993. Magic: The Gathering Arena does an outstanding job, while maintaining the most sophistication of this historical baggage that makes Magic so special, and comes complete with all the animations and sensory delights that we've come to expect of modern CCGs.  


We have provided you with all the details related to the top ten hottest games of 2020. Let us know your feedback via your comments. If you think we have missed any game and it should be included in the “list of Hottest Game” please let us know. 

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