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The Benefits of Pop Top Caravans

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As the name clearly shows, the major difference between a pop-top caravan and a conventional caravan is the top or roof of the caravan. The pop top caravan has a roof that can be lifted up or down to create more headroom or reduce the vertical height of the caravan, depending on your preference. 

This basic difference introduces certain benefits to owning a pop-top caravan compared to the fixed-roof alternatives. In this post, we’ll explore some of the benefits of this type of caravan and why you should consider getting it. 

Fuel efficiency

Pop-top caravans have a collapsible roof. This low-roof design ensures less drag or wind resistance when towing the caravan. One consequence is that you’ll spend less on fuel with roof-top caravans than alternatives. In one experiment, a caravaner spent $44.69 on refuelling a pop-top caravan compared to a conventional caravan for a  210 km journey. While this might not seem like much, the difference quickly adds up over the thousands of kilometres the van would have to travel in its lifetime. 

Easier to tow 

Pop-top caravans tend to be more compact compared to traditional alternatives. This considerably impacts the vehicle’s stability and ease of towing. The compact design of this type of caravan means you can easily tow it with a smaller car. It is also easier to manoeuvre compared to larger caravans, which can be a big advantage, especially for people who are new to driving caravans. The lower height of the caravan also means you won’t have to find an alternative route when you drive on roads with overhanging branches that can scratch the top of your caravan. 


The compact design of a pop-top caravan does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on space. The roof of the caravan can be expanded to create more headroom. Most rooftop caravans also feature sides made of fabric materials. This increases the amount of light the caravan lets in, making it feel more spacious. Most pop-top caravans are also ingeniously designed with extra storage spaces such as under bench compartments and overhead cabinets. These integrated storage solutions help to keep your gear and other belongings organised without sacrificing living space and comfort.

Cub Campers

Easy storage 

Pop-top caravans provide an extra 400-500 mm of clearance. This height difference can affect how you store the caravan when it isn’t in use. You can easily drive your caravan into a garage or store it under a carport and other locations inaccessible to a regular caravan. 


The possibility of popping the top of your caravan can also impact the ventilation within the vehicle’s living space. Increasing the interior space allows more fresh air to circulate in the van. This is particularly great for people travelling in hot and humid locations or during the summer. The increased ventilation in a pop-top caravan prevents condensation buildup and makes your trip much more enjoyable.

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