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To keep the air in the room clean, you often want to ventilate the room after cleaning. Even after thorough ventilation, the stale air returns after some time with an unpleasant odor. It results in lethargy, depression, and stress. For these reasons, there are electric diffusers that saturate the air with special particles - aero ions. These particles improve the condition of the human body and increase human activity. You can also find, pick and choose one of the best electric diffusers available in the market. We will discuss the aspects because of which it is harmful and also beneficial for your health in this article.

What is an electric diffuser?

The invention of the electric diffuser has gain popularity around the world. The device artificially saturates the air with ions. For this, you do not need to be a plant lover, but adjust the ionizer and press the button.

The work of the ionizer is to saturate oxygen and nitrogen with ions. It is a fact that this process is natural in the forest. Ions enter our atmosphere from space or during a thunderstorm, but the distance between the big city and nature is so great that sometimes clean air is not enough for a healthy life. Therefore, we are getting weak internally in metropolitan cities. We need a recharge.

You can place plants in a stuffy room where many people work. For this, the team must have someone who would take care of the plants. But even this is not an option...

The pros and cons of an electric diffuser in the house

A device that produces ions can both positively affect the human body and negatively. However, the biggest problem with the diffuser is the user himself. Improper use of the device can have a negative effect, but first, consider the positive aspects of the ionizer.

The benefits of the electric diffuser

  • Negatively ionized air positively affects the functioning of the brain, improving the flow of blood, and thereby a person thinks faster and thinks better. This is especially true for elders.

  • With regular use of the device, a person feels better, his lungs breathe better, and immunity is also strengthened due to the activity of antibodies.

  • Where such devices are installed, people are less likely to sleep, and their performance improves. The body begins to fight depression and better copes with stress.

  • Air ions affect the skin and reduce its sensitivity.

  • Air ions also contribute to hair growth and improve skin condition.

  • Inhalation of ionized air improves the cardiovascular system.

  • Air ions not only help to cope with stress but also improve appetite.

  • A room with many electrical appliances, the ionizer equalizes the charged particles, and thereby reduces the radiation of the magnetic field.

Harmful effects of the diffuser

  • During ionization, diffuser does not only charge the air but also dust and other microorganisms in the room. Therefore, manufacturers strongly recommend to keep in off during room cleaning.

  • Ionized air contributes to the spread of viral infections.

  • When you use the device for a long time, a static charge can accumulate in the air. This can also charge your furniture and other appliances. In this case, some diffusers are equipped with special ion counters.

  • If there are people with oncological diseases in the room, air diffusers definitely affect them. The fact is that ionized air nourishes the cells of the body better. Therefore, not only healthy tissue sites will receive oxygen but also malignant tissues. Instead of decreasing, malignant tissues will grow.

  • The device improves metabolism, which contributes to an increase in body temperature.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the device if there is a person in the room who has undergone surgery.

  • If a person has some kind of inflammatory issue, such as CNS disease, problems with joints or lungs, then this device is harmful to them.

Health benefits for humans and pets

Pets have always been a joy for their owners. But, some appliances may play a role in harming pets. In particular, if you decide to purchase an electric diffuser, you need to know how it can affect your pet.

Keep in mind, ions of the spray in the air affect both the animals and humans. The impact of diffusers on an animal’s body is exactly the same as on the human body. Therefore, if the animal is infected with some viruses or chronic diseases, only turn it on when the animal is in another room.

Possible harm

It is a disadvantage of an electric diffuser that does not suit everyone. There is a group of people who are strongly affected by electric diffuser:

  • Allergic - if the device does not purify the air

  • Malignant wounds and tumors - which can increase under the influence of air ions

  • Children up to a year

  • Hypersensitivity to air - in which a large number of charged particles fly

  • Asthmatics and people who have problems with lung diseases

  • People who have had a major operation

  • Various disorders of cerebral circulation

Keep in mind, health problems can occur even if a person has no significant symptom.

Features of use in the presence of children

The air in the atmosphere after the diffusion can negatively affect an infant. For a newborn child, he is undergoing a phase of immune system formation, and pathogens jeopardize the child’s health. Microorganisms are also harmful to the child’s health. Therefore, it is best to do the cleaning before turning on the device. Whenever possible, keep the device off in the presence of a child.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, expected mothers should receive as many positive emotions as possible and stay least stressed. The diffuser perfectly copes with the task and gives pregnant women the effect of a visit to the seaside. Therefore, before buying an electric diffuser, ask a specialist or a doctor whether such a device will be useful at home. If the doctor head up a green signal, you can move ahead to get this device for your home.

Doctors reviews regarding the positive and negative effects

Doctors believe that diffuser is good to have at home. The diffuser does not only help to improve the air in the house, but also solve many health problems. On the other side, the careless handling of equipment can also harm your body.

Besides, doctors caution that a humid environment is the source of many pathogenic microbes, especially Legionella. If you excessively use the device, this could be very harmful to you.


Before you buy a conventional electric aroma diffuser, you should figure out one important question; whether it is beneficial or harmful for you. Keep in mind, it is worth to spend money on it if you get to benefit from it. These are special portable devices that do not take up much space. An electric aroma diffuser has two sides; it can be useful and can also be harmful. Before buying a device, carefully read all indications. Moreover, if you have any of the symptoms that are mentioned in this article, then it is better not to purchase it.


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