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If you have worked for at least three years on the position of web developer and you have experience of using Microsoft applications,then you can be eligible to take the Microsoft 70-486 exam and validate your skills with the MCSA: Web Applications credential. This will prove to any recruiting team from an international corporation that you can be the right fit for the senior web developer positions.

This article will give you more details on the structure of 70-486 exam and how much you can earn in one year as a web developer. Also, you will learn more about the available training options and how Exam Snap can give you an advantage over other candidates.

What to Know Before Taking 70-486 Test?

The Microsoft AZ-103, 70-761, 70-778, 70-410,70-764, 70-741, AZ-301, CEH, CCNP, CCIE, 220-1001 Vce Player free certifications exam is the final step in obtaining the MCSA: Web Applications credential. Before sitting for it, you will also need to pass 70-480 and 70-483 exams. Also, remember to pay a fee of $165 when registering for this assessment.

The candidates who are willing to take this exam will be required to have experience in working withASP.NET and Azure programs as well as managing MVC-based solutions. Also, they should know how to:

  • Develop and design web apps in an ASP.NET MVC pattern

  • Design and thoroughly plan solutions for user interaction depending on the business requests

  • Understand the phases of the web applications’ development life cycle

  • Develop and deploy Azure environment and other similar ones

  • Design and develop different asynchronous concepts

Topics Covered in Microsoft 70-486 Exam

Microsoft provides the candidates with a detailed structure of 70-486 exam. The topics you will be checked on during this test are the following:

  • Application architecture and design— candidates will have to demonstrate that they have advanced knowledge in dealing with application layers, design and development. Also, test-takers will receive items related to Azure Web Apps design and implementation.

  • Architecture deployment and design — you should be familiar with browser artefact concepts and be able to quickly develop a strategy on Azure deployment and design publishing.

  • User experience design—exam-takers are required to plan and design UI layout and behaviour as well as develop comprehensive mobile UI elements.

  • User experience development— you should possess strong knowledge on serialization, routes, and MVC controllers design and implementation. Also, you should know how to plan and manage localization and globalization concepts.

  • Web applications debugging and troubleshooting— candidates will need to demonstrate their experience in debugging Azure applications as well as know how to prevent and troubleshoot any runtime problems.

  • Security design and implementation— this part of 70-486 exam will include items related to data integrity management, site security, authorization apps and configuration.

Training Resources for 70-486 Exam. How ExamSnap Can Help?

When you are looking for training resources to prepare for 70-486 test, you should first check the Microsoft website and explore the list of available variants. One of their most popular options is the instructor-led course 20486B by code. It will take you through a 5-day journey to help you learn more about how to develop and manage ASP.NET MVC Web Apps. You will get hands-on experience on the exam’s topics and have an opportunity to ask direct questions to your trainers.

For those students who cannot afford to spend five days on an intensive training, there is a video with Microsoft experts offering valuable information and tips on 70-486 exam and its topics. The self-paced training is also an option worth to be taken into consideration. Enrolling in it, you can organize your schedule as you wish and get information on ASP.NET MVC 4 web apps when it’s comfortable for you.

Why Supplement Your Prep with Exam Dumps?

Although Microsoft cert bolt offers a practice test to help the candidates to see possible questions and actual exam topics, many students feel that they need extra resources to pass the test from the first attempt. This is where exam dumps can become a great solution as long as they allow you to see the contents of the test and get used to its environment. The dumps include questions and answers from past assessments so practicing with them will increase your chances to obtain the passing score without too much stress.

ExamSnap.com website gives you access to paid and free exam dumps. While the free vce files can be very helpful to prepare for 70-486 exam, the Premium Bundlewill give you a serious advantage over your competitors. You will need to pay $39.97 to receive access to 235 expert-validated questions and answers, one training course and a study.Also, you will need the VCE Exam Simulator to open those vce files and explore the exam’s structure and question types as well as set time limits for each of your trial tests. 

Salary Prospects of a Web Developer

Payscale.com website sets the annual salary benchmark for web developer positions between $40k and $87k. Such specialist makes on average around $60k in a year. Amazon.com Inc, Velir, and Wells Fargo Bank offer the highest annual salaries to web developers, exceeding $80k for one year. The lowest payment is offered by D3Corp. The payment that a web developer gets in this company is $34k.


70-486 exam will take you one step further to developing a successful career in managing and optimizing Microsoft ASP.NET web applications. The test is not easy, and you have to study hard to pass it. Thus, apart from Microsoft training resources, you will need to take a look at additional resources to reduce stress during exam day. ExamSnap offers verified exam dumps and other useful materials to help you increase your chances to pass Microsoft 70-486 with flying colours.



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