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According to Bernice Ly, entrepreneur and founder of tech start up Pocketbiz, the Gig economy is creating new work and income opportunities for people all over Australia.   Bernice saw the need for a Gig economy platform for industry specialists and service providers in Australia and went about creating the concept Pocketbiz.  Pocketbiz, which comprises a website and App, enables businesses to list jobs or Gigs on the site so service providers can apply for them.  The site quickly and easily connects businesses with service providers.   The site also enables businesses and service providers to rate each other which builds trust and credibility fast. 

"The internet is changing our lives. Work no longer has to be done on site or in an office, it can be done anywhere," Ms Ly said today. 
"The internet is empowering people to undertake work at home and deliver it to businesses online. As a result, people are able to take on work as side Gigs and boost their income or undertake Gig work as their main income. 
"This model benefits businesses as well. If businesses are able to outsource work to service providers, they don't have to pay the cost of setting up a desk or work station in their office. They also don't have to go through the expensive and time consuming process of advertising roles in newspapers or on recruitment sites. 
"A lot of people have skills and benefits to offer, in addition to their day job and they just need a mechanism to reach out to potential businesses to offer those skills for a fee. 
"Whether you are in Charters Towers or Bendigo, you can bid for jobs on Pocketbiz and undertake services from anywhere in the country.   
"The Gig economy is empowering people across rural, regional and non metropolitan Australia to take part in our busy and growing economy. A lot of work including accounting, finance, legal, research and other professional services work can be done via technology. Many businesses use cloud technology now to store and manage their documents and business materials online.  
"Cities like Sydney have become too expensive for families. The cost of property is out of reach for many. For people wanting to live away from metropolitan areas now have real income opportunities rather than having to travel into the city every day. 
"The Gig economy is providing real alternative work solutions for people across the country. It is turning the idea of traditional work upside down.   
"A lot of successful businesses start out as start ups and entrepreneurs offering services where ever they can. The Gig economy is also an engine hub for many budding entrepreneurs keen to start and grow their own businesses.
"While some people are still unsure about the Gig economy, all I can say is, embrace it. It is the way of the future and as it grows, it will prove to be one of the best things that has happened to people living in non metropolitan areas."

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