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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an increase in the number of people working from home. The change in the working environment has prompted employers to reassess their business models, evaluating whether or not working from home will be permanent. As a result, companies would need to re-evaluate their potential personal injury claim. 

The Role of the Employer

There are many things to consider concerning the health and safety of employees. Although the employee works from home, it doesn’t exclude the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the staff. With that being said, it’s also the employee’s responsibility to make sure the environment is safe and secure. 

Mental Distress

Employers should be mindful of mental health issues. Mental distress is a vital aspect to consider, as it’s regarded as the same as physical injuries. The employee should be protected regarding mental distress and excessive workload. Some examples of these would be: 

  • The constant demand to hit targets
  • Extensive working hours
  • Insufficient breaks

It is, thus, the responsibility of the employer to keep track of the mental and physical well being of their staff. 

Evidence Needed for a Personal Injury Claim

The majority of the time, the rules may vary depending on location. Take some time to read through the rules and regulations. Thereafter if you feel that your employer has mistreated you, you may have to file a personal injury claim. 

Ensure that you’ve acquired an excellent personal injury lawyer to fight your case if it can’t be resolved out of court. It’s of utmost importance that you have a strong case, so gathering the correct evidence will work in your favor. The evidence should include the following:

  • Copies of emails
  • Work schedule.
  • Work diary which should consist of daily activities
  • Photography 
  • Direct and indirect threats 
  • All other documents related to your claim. 

A qualified personal injury lawyer, together with the correct evidence, means you stand a greater chance of winning your case. 

Mitigate the Risks

With the uncertainty of this pandemic, we’ll all be seeing a shift in the nature of work. We’d need to use technology effectively for remote working as this has become our new normal. 

To avoid work-related injuries. It would be best if you considered the following; setting up of ergonomic workstations, staying active, preventing slips, paying attention to what’s around you, communication is vital, and make sure that you take your necessary breaks to prevent mental distress.

Keeping in mind the above, it’s a two way street between the employer and employee. Both parties would need to work together to avoid any personal injury caused, but to answer the question, yes; you can claim while working from home. 

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