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If you’re looking at your house and considering some upgrades, you’re in good company. With the changing of seasons, it’s a perfect time to get upgrades and renovations underway. But before you start redoing your kitchen or bathroom, consider another area that might need your attention even more: your windows. Windows go largely ignored, but they are an important fixture that needs attention. If they get too old, they’ll function inefficiently and need replacement. Here are five signs to help you determine whether it’s time for window replacement in Boston, MA.

Jamming and Sticking

Windows should be able to open and close with minimal effort. When first installed, you should be able to operate them easily, with one hand. There should be no straining and certainly no sticking or jamming. As windows age, they can develop issues that cause warping, such as rust, rot, or weather damage. If this is the case, it’s time to consider getting replacement windows and upgraded units that easily open and close once more. Jamming and sticking can cause air leakage if unable to close the window properly. The more air that leaks from your window surrounds, the more you’ll pay in energy bills when heating and cooling your home.

Window Condensation

Windows will naturally bead up with some condensation when your house is warm, and the air outside is cold. A small bit of condensation is nothing to worry about. If, however, the condensation you notice is more than usual and you’re getting a lot of water beading up between your window panes, it’s a problem that needs addressing. Excessive condensation occurs most frequently when the seals on the window surrounds crack, shrink, and lose their effectiveness allowing moisture to build up between window panes. This issue will only get worse with time, and if you have wood window surrounds, it could lead to wood rot and warping if not fixed.

Cold Air Seepage

When you walk past a window, you shouldn’t notice any significant change in the temperature of your room. If, however, you notice a cold draft coming in during winter or warm air during summer, this is a warning sign that windows need to be replaced. Windows are one of the most significant culprits of lost heat during winter and cold during summer. Not only will this cause your house to be uneven in temperature, but it will put considerable strain on your HVAC system. If the thermostat for your home is near a leaky window, it will throw off the temperature reading. Faulty temperatures could cause your HVAC unit to run too long, unnecessarily overheating or overcooling your house. These issues are the reason why old windows contribute to increased energy bills over time. If not fixed, you’ll continue to experience worsening heating and cooling problems.

Water Damage

No matter how hard it’s raining outside, you shouldn’t experience any leakage or water damage coming into your house from your window surrounds. If windows sustain damage, however, they can start to deteriorate around the edges and allow water to leak into your home. Other signs to look for are mold and decay, chipping, or cracking around the frame. Catching these signs of damage early is crucial to protect your home from further damage due to wet weather. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to replace your windows before the damage gets worse.

Excessive Noise

If you’re starting to hear an excessive amount of noise coming through your window, it could be time for an upgrade. While most windows will let some sound through, you shouldn’t be able to hear every car horn and siren, or train whistle two miles away. Single and double-pane windows will both allow some noise to bleed through, but you shouldn’t be able to hear your neighbor’s conversation clearly. When the seal on your window starts to break down, it naturally allows more noise to enter. This can happen with any type of older style windows. As soon as the noise gets to be problematic for you, an upgrade is in store. Energy-efficient windows, however, will provide the best you can get in soundproofing outside noises.

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