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  • Written by Daniel B Hatcher

If you’re thinking of replacing windows that have seen better days, you’ll be glad you did! Not only do old windows have a higher risk of leaking when it rains or snows, but they’re also less energy-efficient and will impact your heating and cooling bills. Replacing windows may cost a bit at the outset, but in the long run, your window replacement will definitely help pay for itself. Here are two of the biggest reasons why window replacement in Austin, TX, is a great idea.

Lower Energy Bills

On the list of reasons to replace your existing windows for energy-efficient replacement windows, lower energy bills quickly rise to the top. Most windows that need to be replaced are simple single-pane versions. While they do the job of letting light in, they are poor options when it comes to insulation. Windows are of the most significant areas of heat and cold leakage and the older your window, the more likely they are a source of energy loss.

If your windows aren’t adequately insulated, during the winter, they will leak warm air from your home and allow cold air to enter. During the summer, cold air will leak out, and your house will heat up quickly from sunshine due to the single pane. If you replace these old leaky windows with energy-efficient versions, however, you can save a lot on your bills.

During the winter, energy-efficient replacement windows will hold in warm air, helping your house heat up faster and stay warmer for longer. You can also utilize your south-facing windows to allow the sunlight to pour through and help warm up your room without losing any heat. During the summer, your windows will keep cool air from escaping, and by simply drawing the curtains, you’ll prevent excess heat from the sun from warming up your rooms. So what do the savings really look like?

The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted its own studies on energy-efficient window replacements and came up with some astounding figures. On average, U.S. homeowners can save anywhere from $126-$465 each year when replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows. Even upgrading from double-pane to energy-efficient windows with Royalty Windows, can save you money, the average coming in right around $27-$111 per year. That’s quite the savings on your electric bills and is, by far, the number one reason many people opt to replace their windows.

Upgrade Curb Appeal

Upgrading the curb appeal for your house can have a tremendous ROI or return-on-investment. Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home in the near future, upgrading your windows will get you ready when the time comes. Upgraded energy-efficient windows help sell your house in two significant ways: aesthetic appeal and environmental appeal.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, potential homeowners are most often looking for a home they can move into and make their own with little to no renovation needed. This is where upgraded windows appeal to numerous homebuyers. The aesthetics of a house go a long way in first, second, and third impressions. If your home looks like it needs a facelift, it’s far more likely to put off a buyer. If, however, your home looks trim and neat with newer windows, your home has more of an opportunity to rise to the top of their list of homes for consideration.

The environmental appeal for potential buyers is even more significant than the aesthetic appeal. Energy savings is one of the most significant considerations when looking into purchasing a house. If you have already upgraded your windows to energy-efficient options, buyers will be more likely to consider your house over others. If deciding between two equal houses with a similar price range, buyers will almost always defer to the home with more energy-efficient options knowing that they will save money on expenses and help contribute to making the planet a greener place.

An Excellent Investment

Energy-efficient replacement windows are not only a smart investment in the short run but are an investment in your future, as well. They will help reduce your electric bills right away, and if you ever decide to sell, you’ll already be in the running for an eco-friendly house that is desirable to buyers in any market. All in all, replacement windows are a definite win-win.

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