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Most women take their hair for granted. They treat it with chemicals, color it, and perm it. Women believe they have that beautiful hair forever.

One day, they find out about hair porosity, and their lives change. 

What is Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is a measure by which you determine the moisture of your hair. Hair porosity determines the density and resistance of your hair. 

When you have high hair porosity, it means that your hair is thin and weak. Most of the time, it is hair without a natural color that absorbs liquids with ease. You can dry it and wet it in a few minutes. 

However, it breaks easily, and when you comb it, more hair falls off. So, if you want to have natural hair, you should start with natural hair treatments. Before that, do a hair porosity test. 

Hair Porosity Test

There are a few hair porosity tests, but the float test is the most popular among them. You can do it with a glass of water. When you comb your hair, take a strand and put it in a glass of water. If it falls in seconds, you have high hair porosity. 

But, there’s another thing related to hair porosity, and that’s hair density. 

What is Hair Density

Like hair porosity, you can also determine hair density at home. The only thing you need is a mirror. Take a look at the mirror, and focus on your scalp. If you can see through your hair, you have a low hair density. 

When you are unable to see through the hair, it means you have healthy hair. The point of using a hair treatment product is to have the hair with high density and low porosity. 

However, most women are unaware that their daily practice is what creates high hair porosity. 

How You Get a Higher Level Of Hair Porosity

Your hair reaches high hair porosity when you expose it to the environment and chemicals. For example, your hair is going to have higher porosity if you live in an area with a lot of wind. The wind is going to break your hair and spread various hazards on it.  

Even with environmental exposure, the hair can remain with a low porosity level. It is chemical treatments and products that damage the hair the most. Two things damage the hair, and those are chemical treatments and hair care products. 

Chemical treatments include perming, coloring, and styling your hair. And, using non-natural hair products is equally damaging. 

When you color and perm your hair, you are exposing it to harmful substances. Through time, your hair loses density, follicles become weaker, and hair loses moisture faster. 

Of course, there would be no damage in the first few coloring or perms. The chemical damage stacks through time. Once it stacks, it is going to involve a lot of natural treatments and work to undo the damage. 

Haircare products, on the other hand, can have a lot of harmful ingredients. You can read what the products consist of on the label. But, if you are unaware of dangerous ingredients in the product, you could be damaging your hair for years. 

Even if you buy something with a marketing slogan that screams natural product, it may not be a natural product at all. Instead, you could be increasing hair porosity and contracting long-term effects of hair porosity. 

Long-Term Effects of Hair Porosity

The long-term effects of hair porosity are thinners hair, less resistance, and hair loss. However you turn it, if your hair has hair porosity, it means you are going to lose it. For a woman, this could be devastating. 

Thinner Hair 

The first effect is thinner hair. When you have high hair porosity, your hair breaks with ease. Also, your hair is unable to keep moisture hair gets dry faster and becomes weaker. When you comb it or wash it, you are going to lose more hair. 

With that, your hair is going to be weaker to environmental exposure, like sun, rain, or wind. Non-natural hair care products are going to damage the hair even more. 

Finally, it is going to be even weaker when you color it or perm it.

Less Resistance To Chemical Treatments 

The second effect of hair porosity is color loss. You can notice right away that you have high hair porosity if you are unable to keep your hair color. When you have high hair porosity, your hair is going to be a lot different than it was when you were natural. 

Also, the color of the hair is going to look artificial and plastic. No matter how many treatments you do, you won’t be able to get that color that you want. Additionally, with high hair porosity, hair absorbs chemicals faster. 

That could lead to scalp coloring and even hair loss.  

Hair Loss 

Finally, the worst long-term effect of high hair porosity is hair loss. When you have high hair porosity, and you don’t treat it, you are to lose hair. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, and some women even develop bald patches. 

However, there’s a silver lining. You can do something to counteract this long-term effect. The only thing you need to do is start using natural hair products. 

Start Natural Hair Treatment

Natural hair treatment means that you are going to use natural hair products to lower hair porosity. That is a complicated but fun experience. 

While it’s going to take months and even years to reach low hair porosity, it’s going to be worthwhile. 

Probably, in the whole existence, there isn’t a satisfaction similar to that when you see your hair go from straw-thin to that rich weave. Make it happen. 

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