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Are you just getting into makeup and wondering what to buy? How many choices are there? If you are a person that has just started doing makeup, then these are the questions you must have in your mind, and if you want their answers, then you should first have a basic understanding of the makeup brands. The makeup industry is the world’s biggest industry, and there is a large number of make brand options available.

Before doing style and makeup, the first thing that should be considered is the skin type because even if the product is great, it will not work for you if it isn’t suitable for your skin type. For more information about style and makeup guidance, visit styleandmakeup.dk

Major Skin types

There are 3 basic types of skin textures.




A dermatologist can help you determine what category your skin falls into.

Basic Products

There are many makeup products. But here, only the basic ones are discussed.

Products for dry skin

If you have dry skin, you should look for makeup that has a heavy moisturizer.

Foundation: The dewy foundation suits dry skin the best as it provides the much-needed hydration to the face.

Powder: Powder is used to set the face, but people with dry skin should avoid powder usage as it will make the skin drier.

Lip products: Before applying any lip product, a layer of hydrating lip balm should be applied as it will keep the lips hydrated. This has been approved by a beauty product tester.

Products for oily skin

The skin’s hydration is important for oily skin, so hydrating products made for oily skin should be used.

Foundation: In the market, many brands offer foundations made specifically for oily skin. Typically a homemade foundation contains special ingredients that help control the oil.

Powder: If you have oily skin, then never skip this step from your routine. The usage of powder will ensure that that your makeup stays in place. Otherwise, with oily skin, the makeup can be easily ruined.

Lip products: For oily skin, powder and cream formulas work well, so when you are thinking of buying lip products for oily skin, then do look for the ones that have powdered formulas.

Products for combination skin

If you have combination skin, then moisturizer should be applied generously on dry areas while it should be applied in a low amount on oily areas.

Foundation: There also many foundations available that are specifically designed for combination skin. So, look for these foundation options.

Powder: Any powder can be used, but it should be applied only on the oily areas.

Lip products: On a combination of skin, the lip products of both oily and dry skin can be used, but before application, lip balm is a must.

Every skin type has different needs. The makeup should not only look good, but it should feel good as well. This is only possible if the makeup, according to skin type, is selected. So, if you are thinking of buying makeup, do consider the tips mentioned above.

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