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Don’t you hate it when one of your best friends or cousins is getting married, but you cannot attend it due to another commitment? Well, we all have been there. Even though you cannot be there in person, you can certainly send your good wishes to the couple along with a gift that shows your love for them. In fact, there are several gift ideas that are perfect for such occasions.

Even though gifts cannot compensate for your absence at the wedding, they are a great way of showing that you really care about the couple. Personalised gifts are usually the best. Also, the packaging of the gift matters. Mailing the gifts in premium-looking black boxes can make them stand apart. But choosing the right gift is more important. Here are a few wedding gift ideas you should consider.

  • Bridal Boxes

A wedding subscription box for the bride is a great gift idea. The box includes a number of items that the bride would need from the wedding planning phase to the honeymoon. While the box usually has wedding planning and luxury items, you can add a personal touch by customising the box and adding more items that you think the bride will love. She will be thrilled to receive that gift even if you cannot be there to hand it over yourself.

  • Champagne Flutes

A complete set of delicate, handmade champagne flutes is an exceptional choice for the wedding gift. Even if you cannot be there in person to raise a toast to the happy couple, you can raise a toast in spirit with this gift. Since most weddings in Australia follow the tradition of bringing champagne for the celebration, such a wedding gift can be quite useful on this occasion. You can also customise it with the initials of the couple and make the gift more personal for them.

  • Wedding Gift Hamper

You can find a variety of wedding gift hampers on the internet. However, it is recommended that you make one yourself if you want the couple to acknowledge your thoughtfulness. You can buy good-looking hamper baskets on Amazon. Once you have that, you can put items that you know the couples will love and appreciate when received. Also, creating a personalised gift hamper usually lets you save more than buying a readymade gift hamper. And since you will fill the basket with the couple’s favourite items, they will not go to waste.

  • A Smart Speaker

You won’t know how useful a smart speaker can be until you have used one. You can choose between Google Nest or Amazon Alexa - which are two of the most sold smart speakers in the market. Over the past few years, they have become a popular wedding gift. Besides performing some useful tasks and keeping the users entertained, these speakers can also be a great addition to the interior of a home. Also, if one of the couple is a tech enthusiast, he/she will definitely love it.

  • Books

If you do not have the time to personalise a gift for the couple, there is one option that can never go wrong - books. No matter what the occasion is, books can be a great gift. If the couple loves to read and you know what kind of books they like, you can choose a few books that they have not read yet. Also, there are books with great recommendations that the couples may find useful. If you go to a bookstore, you can take the suggestion of the store owner to know what books are ideal for a newlywed couple if you cannot think of any good books to gift.


Your presence is the best gift you can give to a couple on their wedding day. But if you cannot be there, you can make a thoughtful gesture by gifting something that feels personal to them. All the gift ideas mentioned above are great for weddings that you cannot attend. Also, you need to make sure that they are packaged well so that they do not get damaged before reaching the hands of the couple.

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