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As a parent, you’d probably want to look for engaging and educational activities to keep your kids entertained. Remember the days when the most complicated decision was choosing between crayons or coloured pencils? That was the simplicity of our childhood. But now, with the rise of screen time, it’s refreshing yet important to find activities that engage your kid's senses and spark creativity among them. Crafting is a great way to spend quality time together and has educational benefits. We’ve curated a list of activities for your kids. Let’s explore those. 

  • Learning Art with Tufting

Ever heard of tufting? It’s a fantastic craft that combines creativity and a bit of learning. Tufting involves creating patterns or designs by pulling yarn or thread through a fabric surface. For a simple tufting project with your kids, start with a blank canvas or a sturdy piece of cardboard and some colourful yarn. Guide them in creating patterns, shapes, or even simple pictures by pushing the yarn through the canvas. You can also plan to attend a fun crafts workshop in Melbourne together as many of them offer tufting as well as other fun, crafty activities. 

  • DIY Time Capsule

Every child loves the idea of time travel, and a DIY time capsule is the perfect way to make it happen. Start by gathering items that represent your child’s current interests and favourites. You can consider drawings, small toys, or even handwritten notes. Put them in a sealed container of your choice, which you can bury in the backyard or store in a safe place. Set a date in the future to unearth the time capsule and relive those precious moments. This activity encourages reflection and also teaches the concept of time and patience. You can enjoy a delightful journey down memory lane when you finally open the time capsule and rediscover old memories. 

  • Story Stones

If your child has an overactive imagination (well, most do), story stones are a brilliant way to channel that creative energy. Gather smooth stones from the garden or beach and turn them into characters, objects, or scenes with some paint. Place the stones in a bag, and voila! Your child has a portable storytelling kit. This craft fosters storytelling skills and helps in language development. Watch as your little one weaves tales, building vocabulary and narrative abilities with each draw from the story stone bag. 

  • Nature Collage

Reconnecting with nature is important when screen time is increasingly dominating the world. Take a nature walk with your kids and collect leaves, twigs, flowers, and whatever else captures their attention. Then, make a collage with all the collections. As they arrange and glue the natural elements onto a large piece of paper, they discuss the different shapes, colours, and textures they’ve discovered. This will enhance their artistic ability and provide them with a mini biology lesson about the various plants and materials they have gathered. 

  • Junkyard Symphony

You can turn your recycling bin into a temporary rhythmic session with a DIY junkyard symphony. Collect empty containers, bottles, and cardboard tubes, and let your kids’ inner musicians shine. With a bit of imagination and some rice or beans as filling, these recycled instruments can create a surprisingly delightful symphony. This activity is a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of sound and rhythm. It also teaches them the importance of recycling and resourcefulness. Plus, you get an excuse for a family jam session. 

  • DIY Puzzles

You can turn letter learning into a hands-on experience with DIY puzzles. Cut out large letters from cardboard or thick paper, and let your kid decorate them with colours or drawings. Once the masterpieces are complete, slice each letter into a few pieces to create puzzles. You can also do this with any scrap cardboard with a simple drawing. This craft improves letter recognition and sharpens problem-solving skills as your kid figures out how to piece the puzzle back together. It’s a fun approach to make the alphabet an interactive and memorable part of their learning journey. 

Bottom Line:

Crafting might seem like just an evening activity with your kid, but it’s more than that. Think of it as an investment in their personal learning development. What’s a better way than spending time with your kid when they are involving themselves in these activities? The memories you create today will last longer.

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