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Owning an motorhome may be a fantastic experience because it allows you to have complete independence and explore different landscapes without having to worry about finding a place to stay. You are also responsible for maintenance, which can be a pain. The experience is exciting because of the freedom, but it is also difficult because of the upkeep.

When they feel they can no longer keep up with their maintenance demands or the need to upgrade, many motorhome owners decide to sell their vehicles. However, one perplexing notion always remains: "How do they sell their motorhomes?" When it comes to selling them, there are a number of options available, but it's important to keep certain criteria in mind.

Every motorhome owner who wants to sell their beloved vehicle, wants a good return on their investment. The income gained from a sale of an investment like a motorhome is determined by the amount of promotion dedicated to selling it. RV consignments is one avenue that provides a lot of advertising for selling RVs. This page discusses what RV consignments are, how they function, and what items are required for one.

What is motorhome consignment?

Motorhome consignment is no different from other types of consignment, especially for motorhomes. Motorhome consignment shops assist in the sale of RVs to new owners. They are extensively utilised because they relieve owners of the responsibility of selling RVs.

What does motorhome consignment work?

RV maintenance isn't the only difficult component of owning an RV; selling one is also difficult. Selling an RV takes time, effort, and a lot of advertising. RV consignments allow RV owners to delegate the responsibility of selling to a professional and trustworthy consignment company. For a charge, the consignment company handles advertising, paperwork, and locating purchasers.

You retain ownership of the RV and decide who it should be sold to, but you pay a consignment company to discover buyers and negotiate pricing with possible buyers.

Motorhome consignment: how much does it cost?

There is no set price for motorhome consignments, however the costs are calculated using two models. They are as follows:

  1. Proportion costs: In this approach, the motorhome owner and the consignment facility agree on a percentage of the vehicle’s sale to split. The percentage of the sale that is consigned normally ranges from 15% to 10%.

  2. Commission: In this case, the motorhome’s owner provides the consignment facility a set price for selling the vehicle and authorises them to keep the profit.

Fees Involved with RV Consignments Other Fees

When selling a motorhome on consignment, there are additional fees to consider. These costs include the following:

  1. Cleaning: Because the RV will be under consignment for a set amount of time, selling through a consignment is not an instant process. The cleaning services provided during this time will be paid for by the owner.

  2. Motorhome consignment insurance: This insurance protects the RV from damage while it is on consignment. It's not the same as conventional RV insurance.


In most circumstances, selling your motorhome on consignment can be quite profitable. This is because it provides you with access to a much wider audience than you would have had you sold the motorhome yourself, as well as the opportunity to secure significant and exciting deals for your vehicle.

If you’re thinking about selling your motorhome through consignment, consult a trusted motorhome dealership today, such as Elite RV, who can give you all the advice you need to successfully sell your motorhome through consignment.

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