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Melbourne has just come out of the world’s longest lockdown, which is great news for locals as summer is just around the corner. Last year, a temperature high of 42.9 °C was recorded in the city and now that restrictions have been relaxed, residents are hoping for more of the same. So, what will people be able to enjoy this summer in and around Melbourne?

New hotels 

Visitors to Melbourne or locals wanting to enjoy a plush night away can take their pick from several new hotels. W Melbourne opened in February but lockdown has meant many have missed out on staying there. The hotel has skyline views and offers more than 300 suites and rooms. Guests can enjoy wellness programs, bars, a DJ, ballroom, an LED wall, and exquisite dining options. Another option is The Ritz-Carlton Melbourne which is set to open in 2022. It will be the tallest hotel in Australia and will boast a day spa, ballroom, and on-site restaurant. There’s no word yet on the exact month it’s set to open, but everyone’s hoping it will be ready in the second half of summer.

Water fun

Last summer, Melbourne’s beaches were packed with visitors, although some restrictions were still in place. You can now visit the city’s beaches whenever you want. There’s some great events lined up over the summer months. In January 2022, Gayze Festival will take place at St Kilda beach, while in February, Sandridge Beach will hold a Big Bay Swim. Having been locked up for months on end, it’s certainly time to look good at the beach, so dig out your favourite swimwear. Ladies with smaller busts may choose to sun themselves in a bikini. Bandeau tops and halter neck tops often make appearances on the beaches in Melbourne. Other ladies may opt for an all-in-one costume, while men are okay to wear swimming shorts or speedos. Outdoor pools are now allowed to open up too, so there are plenty of chances to enjoy a dip.

Outdoor entertainment 

As of October 22, outdoor cinemas can start showing movies again. There is a 50-person limit though, so you’ll need to act fast. This news certainly paves the way for a great summer as there’s no better way to enjoy the warm evenings than with a bucket of popcorn and a good movie. Lido and Cameo have already released their upcoming movie schedules and there’s something for everyone. Zoos and theme parks are also re-opening their doors. Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, a visit to Werribee Zoo is advised as two rare Scimitar-horned oryx calves have just been born. Thrill-seekers are sure to want to visit nearby Funfields when it reopens on November 13 as it’s home to some brand new rides - Dragon’s Revenge Swing, Mystic Kingdom, and Pegasus Sky Bounce. 

Melbourne's release from lockdown means it’s time to prepare your summer activities. There are lots of new and exciting places to visit and things to see and do, so be sure to pack in as much as you can when the warm weather arrives.

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