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Digital trends have the power to change the world. Even the smallest development in technology can cause a great shift in digital trends. As it does so, it has the power to influence so much change.

As digital trends change, various sectors change as well. One of the sectors that are affected mostly by digital trends in marketing. We’ve seen how brands such as www.ausportsbetting.org now market themselves online.

With that being said, we shall look at how digital changes have changed the marketing landscape.

Digital Trends and Marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation means using the latest technology trends to do your marketing. This means that instead of doing about some tasks, you can easily use various technology systems to do the marketing for you.

The most common examples of marketing automation include the use of social media to do your marketing. This also includes the use of pf SMS’s as well as on-boarding emails.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I is a technology that continues to evolve with each passing day. As is does evolve, various marketing tools are created with the use of A.I to make the marketing better.

With A.I at work, marketers can use predictive search, chat-bots, personalized recommendations and passive user interface. This is all so that you are able to reach to a wider market. And as you do reach out to them, you are able to meet their needs.

An example can be how best online casinos can use chat-bots as part of their customer service and support team to assist their clients.

Executive Branding

Executive branding allows you to stand out in your desired marketing field. Marketing goes beyond trying to get clients to buy something, it also means that your clients have to trust you as well.

A study carried out showed the following results:

  • 65% of users believe that if you appear on the results page of a web search, you are reliable

  • 85% of clients are more likely to buy for a brand that supports charity.

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