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  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Before the heroics of Lara Croft and Super Mario captured our imaginations, video games were solely for academic purposes. In the 1950s video games came about as nothing more than mere depictions of the evolution of future technology.  Basic forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) were tested on games such as chess while showcasing the findings to the public at special events like the Festival of Britain.

However, when new technological inventions such as Random Access Memory (RAM) cropped up, there was a notable slash in the prices of these computers. When the 1970s rolled around, it was time for video games to be commercialized on prime time. As a result, the first gaming arcades came about after which games began hitting the market. Moreover, tactile features such as joysticks fueled their accessibility to even the newest gamer. And the rest is history! 

Today, the global video gaming market makes up nearly a whopping $100 billion. For example, True blue casino has thousands visitors every day who are willing to become their customers. It comes as no surprise because video games have been in existence for decades and span the broad range of platforms, such as handheld consoles, arcade games, mobile gadgets (tablets and smartphones), and home consoles. And usually, they’re at the forefront of computer technology. This also includes the barrage of games such as slot machines, table games, and more, which are readily available in online casinos and are accessible from PCs and mobile devices. 

With that being said, let’s delve into the latest news on video games. Read on!

1. Donald Trump Blames Video Games for Mass Shootings 

In August 2019, the U.S president, Donald Trump, gave a speech claiming that video games are partly the cause of mass shootings. He stated that they celebrate violence and should, therefore, be made harder to purchase. He also said that the glorification of violence in today’s society should be put to a halt, which includes the grisly and gruesome video games that have flooded the market and found in nearly every household. According to Donald Trump, troubled youth are easily engulfed in a culture that condones violence.

2. Pokémon Caves into the ASMR Mukbang Trend

On January 17th 2020, two ASMR videos went viral courtesy of Pokémon, to kick-off the weekend. One features a Charmander resting peacefully right beside a cosy fireplace. The second video stars Chespin devouring in some macaroons. The two videos are targeted towards those that desire the lovely Pokémon touch. 

To delight in videos’ intriguing sound effects, it’s advisable to first throw on some headphones. Doing so means you’ll get to revel in the fascinating crackling and crunching sounds. So, it’s safe to say that Pokémon and ASMR are a dynamic duo because of the tingly sensation that’s provoked by listening to the soft voices and captivating sounds. And, the warm fuzziness that stems from glaring at the adorable Pokémon is unforgettable.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn Will Be Available on PCs Later in 2020

It’s no secret that Sony has a steadfast approach when it comes to video games. But, it currently seems to be embracing a new approach that exudes player-friendliness. So, Horizon Zero Dawn, a video game that’s been exclusively available on Play Station 4 (PS4) will be accessible on PCs later in 2020. This will make it the first PS4 game to be released on another platform. 

Initially launched in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn quickly gained popularity as a result of its state-of-the-art storytelling, incredible visuals alongside sound effects, and lead female protagonist called Aloy. Aside from hits such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Blood-borne, and God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn has been a hallmark title that’s exclusive to the PS4 platform.

4. Google Stadia Will Release Over 120 Games in 2020 

On the 16th of January 2020, Google announced that it’ll release over 120 video games to Stadia (its cloud gaming service), in 2020. What’s even better is that the plans to provide gamers with 10 Stadia-exclusive games by June 2020 are underway. Granted, this news already has players across the globe grinning from ear-to-ear in excitement. But, this would be a big jump from the current assortment of 1 Stadia-exclusive game and 26 video games available, more so given that Google confirmed just four video games for 2020. 

That’s not all. Google stated that it’s rolling out Stadia updates within the next couple of months. They entail: 

  • 4K web gaming

  • Online wireless gameplay via the Stadia Controller ( a cable is needed to be plugged in)

  • Gaming support for more Android devices (it’s only accessible on Google’s Pixels)

  • Increased Google Assistant functionality when accessing Stadia via a web browser. 

Additionally, while the thought of soon being able to wirelessly use a Stadia controller when delighting in online gaming; it’s yet to be announced when you can use the same controller wirelessly with your mobile device. Perhaps, it’s in the works.

Closing Remarks 

The above video games news is just a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. With the advent of technology, there’s no doubt that more advancements in video games are underway.


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