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There are advantages to using open wire shelving designs for processing and harvesting marijuana. When you hang, dry, and store cannabis plants with a consistent flow of air coming through, it helps regulate humidity and temperature. Moreover, security, mobility, and organization happens quickly during the handling and trimming process. 

Dry Marijuana Plants Quickly With More Reliable Yields

Wire marijuana shelving prevents air turbulence and provides laminar airflow. When airflow is ventilating smoothly, it produces better symmetrical drying with predictable yields. Unrestricted airflows circulate air more steadily with a decrease of humidity and thermal gradients.

The most favoured storage is Super Erecta shelving due to its capacity to accommodate when needed. Super Electra features adjustable shelves, modular add-ons, and configuration options that adapt to bulk, bin and tray materials. 

Benefits Of Choosing Stainless Steel For Medical Marijuana Plants 

Some cannabis facilities mistakenly opt for chrome wire shelving is an eco-friendly option to stainless steel. However, chrome works best in low humidity and dry environments. This is the opposite process when it comes to conditions needed for marijuana planting. Chrome shelves eventually shed particles, rust and deteriorate when exposed to chemical agents and environments used in cannabis manufacturing plants.

Polished 304 stainless steel is a production requirement for humid, damp, and chilly environments. Contrary to chrome, Metro stainless steel is certified for food-safe applications by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Soon marijuana manufacturers will face harsh sanitation requirements as governing lapses surface, so choosing NSF-approved shelving prevents new investments from becoming outdated. 

Benefits of Using Polymer & Epoxy Wire Shelving Storage 

Marijuana manufacturers deal with challenges with products made for consumers. Marijuana processing is manual, which gains the likelihood that typical storage units and racks conceal microbes and human-borne pathogens. Studies claim there are complexities and even instances of death with immunocompromised subjects who were exposed to contaminated marijuana. Marijuana surroundings contribute to the exact climate for the growth of fungi and bacteria, with fewer boundaries of exposure from human carriers. Storage systems offer the perfect angle during the process of transferring contamination within numerous yields and multi-production enterprises. 

Operates Cleaner With Fewer Risks of Contamination

To prevent the spread of mildew, mould, and insects, storage is needed. Polymer shelving prevents bacterial and fungal colonies from forming and used in hospitals where quick cleaning is mandatory. Polymer racks offer identical NSF and corrosion-resistant characteristics similar to stainless steel wire shelving. Tiered racks and surfaces support production and cleaner environment. With fewer cracks on these racks, it’s faster to clean organic material, resins, yeasts, moulds, and microbes. Quick cleaning makes room for deep sanitization. State-of-the-art polymer coatings prevent destructive cleaning chemicals, heat, and light, and humidity.

Inhibits Theft With Secure Storage for Marijuana Products

The cannabis industry experiences roughly 90% of financial and productivity losses due to employee theft. Protected carts decrease the risk of securing merchandise on a regular basis and decrease the number of unprotected products during the process of packaging and storage. Criminals thrive on easy targets. If employees know that strains are locked away as they exit a facility, hardened thieves are less likely to steal. Since marijuana plants are light-weight materials, it only takes a large bag and one person to steal hundreds of thousands worth of products instantly. 

Secured cannabis carts are the solution for storing bulk cannabis with the choice of movable transport and casters. For retail areas with dry environments, chrome is a practical solution because it costs less than stainless steel. 

About Trim Stations and Processing Tables 

Marijuana harvesting, trimming, and packaging attracts kief, plant debris and other byproducts. Within humid environments, bacteria and microbes form in cracks and crevices. When residual resins are formed by biofilms and extracts boost microbe confinements, they require surface sanitation. When a surface contains mildew or mites, it could alter every new stain going through the work station process. 

To prevent contamination, stainless steel prevents corrosion from chemicals as it’s easy to sanitize and clean. Isopropyl alcohol is the best cleanser to disinfect and remove sticky residue. 


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Metro’s beachside tote cart gives employees the flexibility to position bins, boxes or assembly pieces at a specific angle for repeated pick-and-trim movements. Each unit has a 45° slanted top shelf, four casters with two brakes, a Super Erecta shelf at the bottom, a cable to hinder static cling and aluminum split sleeves. 

Wire Shelves for Hanging, Drying & Trimming 

Wire shelving is the best way for drying cannabis strains on trays or hanging big plants. Each shelf has the ability to move as they are removable and interchangeable with other shelves making it the main reason why they’ve become the norm for marijuana manufacturers. Each shelf is modifiable in one-inch accessions, therefore, a configuration is required for storage density. 

Get Customized Shelves

Production Automation - that’s who we are - in the exclusive manufacturer's sales Metro shelving products. Production Automation - that’s who we are - in the official manufacturer’s sales rep for Metro shelving products. For assistance with customizing carts, shelves, and equipment, get in touch with one of our Metro sales team. We are available from Monday to Friday by phone, email, or online to provide answers to your questions and give quotes.

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