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When you find yourself needing a lawyer for any reason, you may start out overwhelmed by how many there are. It is important to know the qualities of a good lawyer so you don't make a hasty decision and end up with a bad one on accident. Good lawyers are hard to come by and they are normally only found by reputation alone rather than a bus bench or a billboard. Knowing what to look for in a good lawyer means you will get the most out of your attorney.


Ask your potential lawyer what experience they have in matters like yours. If you don't ask questions like this, you may end up with a new lawyer who has never worked a case like yours. If you have a business conflict, it is important that the person who has your back has worked on something similar. If they have, then you are on a good start to winning your case. It is also important to have a bilingual lawyer if it is necessary to have one. No one needs any miscommunication in the proceedings if it can be thwarted.


Go to people who you know have used the lawyer you are interested in. Ask about their experience with them. As I stated before, reputation is everything! Are they respectful? Do they listen?


Location is key. You want a lawyer that is in your general area or one who serves the area often. Different states and counties uphold different laws, if you have a lawyer who is not up-to-date in your local laws or state laws then you will have a problem. It is good to have a local lawyer to keep travel expenses down for scheduled meetings as well.


Each lawyer you come in contact with is normal people just like you and me. They have good and bad days, but can also have a good personality or bad personality. You want someone who is nice but headstrong and stubborn to your cause.


Commercial disputes are mainly when two professional people have a disagreement in business transactions. It could be pricing, quality or quantity of merchandise, contract disagreements, the time it takes to get services done, or not receiving payments for goods or services rendered.

Final Thoughts

When looking into commercial litigation lawyers in Brisbane Australia, be sure to speak your mind. Be upfront with your expectations of the outcome. Be steadfast in what you want and you should be fine. Make sure they are diligent in listening to you. Be sure they are strong communicators, have a good demeanour, know when to push for an outcome and know when to pull back as well. If they see your "big picture" and ensure you are satisfied with the outcome of the proceedings. Don't let any lawyer walk all over you, talk over you, or tell you your opinion doesn't matter. Keep in mind that you hired them to do a specific job for you, so you have every right to point out where they are wrong about something.

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