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What blood is to you, content is to the internet. It helps the internet to stay alive and thrive. But just as impure blood can inflict flus and fits onto you, impure content can bring disaster to the internet world. What could be done to bring purity to the already impure content? What transfusion could be brought in here? And what must be followed to bequeath clean blood down into the lineage? Perfect Link Building SEO agency Sydney Australia has some tips for you to help you guide through this wilderness and flag your presence at the peak.

This thing called SEO:

Even the best of Shakespeare would need to conform per this SEO to fill the hearts of those in need. But what is this SEO? Speaking of it as Search Engine Optimization won't be enough, for a mere noun cannot ever grab the profundity a word/phrase holds. Can we call it the brains of the internet? We will see in a line or two. SEO, with its intelligent algorithms and deep learning, tries to understand the content you offer, the content a user needs, and how satisfied the user leaves after seeing your content. We may speak of it as an omnipresent character, who observes everything from heaven so as to bring order and happiness in this internet world. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, its working skills are getting enhanced by dawns and dusks. Now, speaking of it as the brains of the internet won't be a bad analogy. But what can we do to rise fine and fair in the eyes of this observer called SEO? There is no one universal key, but there are certain pieces of puzzles that could be picked and placed in order to bring a better picture in front of it.

What sort of content is the right sort of content for the contemporary internet?

Times keep on changing: The bests of yesterday could be brutals of now; the lauds of yesterday could be slaps of now; the fashion of the 90s could be cursed in 2020s. Back when Backrub was launched, which later became Google, it was an infant and its way of working was naive – people were trying to take advantage of its naiveties. They were tricking it down and stuffing low-quality content that was easily saving them time and earning them well. But by the time, it improved, and improved well enough to raise the brows of those fouls and faulters. Now you would need to give some thought to your content, all for the good of you and your users – it's a win-win for all. Perfect Link Building (SEO Agency; Sydney, Australia) has some tips for you –

  • Try understanding what the user wants to know, not what you want to tell: Indeed, there must be things that you need to tell to a user, but it should not be something out of the context that would be of no interest to the user. Google now focuses on user intent (one of several factors that impact a page's ranking) to guide a page's ranking. Think, Search, be creative, and know what the public is in need for. No question is naive, and no questioner fool; it all depends on your expertise. Try asking the reason for the big bang to a religious fanatic and he might declare you insane, try asking it to an astrophysicist and you have it.

  • Focus on the Headline: A headline is like a facade of your dormitory – It must bring awes and queries on their faces and brains. Bring a blend of surprise and information gap to create curiosity into their minds, and they might start rubbing their ankles until a click on the link.

  • Introduce imagery to your content: The digital world might be built on zeros and ones, but its visitors are not. If you fail to spark those neurons in the user's brain to life, you fail to spark Google's machine into thinking that you are one. Imagery demands our senses to come alive and thus invigorate the brain, this, in turn, brings pleasing juice to the emotions. Once you do it right, the user might want to return to your website to get that reward again.

  • The structure of your content: Two people with the same weight of 82 kilograms, one has it distributed finely throughout the body, and the other has half of it in the belly – Whom would you prefer? The structure of your content in visual terms, and too much concentration into one place might make your readers sigh in pain.

  • Is keywords research and distribution that important? You might wonder, considering Google's focus on the ultimate user satisfaction. But know that Google is a machinery and it needs something to understand what you are about. Consider keywords to be an introduction to your content. Again, think of what your user might want to know, do keyword research, be creative, and let your content grow around it into life. Do not try to fool Google by stuffing bad fat around it – you might get banned in time or left ignored. Black hat techniques are easily caught now more than ever.

  • Bring art into it: The most ignored advice of all – people walk over in ignorance over the advice about bringing life to your content. RankBrain now observes the user experience by getting insights about their behavior towards a website, the time they spend, and their after-behavior. Use the art of storytelling, use humor, use cliffhangers, climax if possible, and you have a wonderful recipe ready to serve before those in need of you.

  • Bring facts and data to insert some assurance and trust: We love not being left doubtful about a thing. If you have some data about your topic – a survey done, an expert's advice, some past statistics, or some future predictions – use them. Here is a data fact for you – 60% of marketers speak that inbound traffic is their top quality source of leads. And you can never get top-quality sources unless your content is informative and alive.

Above were a few of those pieces of advice that could help you bring your content to life. Perfect Link Building (SEO agency; Sydney, Australia) loves to help people grow the things they love. It believes in growing together. Towards this same purpose, it has shaped some best SEO plans for you, alongside the space for your customized SEO plan. Click here (https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/au/packages/) and see what serves you best.

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