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Knowledge is power, and when you do not know enough about a certain person, company, or situation, you need more information to make informed decisions. Private investigators are experts in gaining intel for legal matters. Whether it is research for business or personal matters, hiring a private investigator may be your best bet.

Top 5 benefits of hiring a private investigator

Hiring a private investigator to get intelligence comes with many advantages over using other means to do so. Here’re the pros of using the service of a trusted and reliable private investigator:

Growing your intel: Hiring an investigator to get valuable information is one of the best ways to get the upper hand over a situation. The intel could let you explore new options or narrow down your choices by providing critical information to make an informed decision.

Professional help: Private investigators have years of experience in the field. They can get access to more information than you ever could, and in a much shorter time. These people are formally trained and have handy contacts to help them investigate better. These guys have the resources and the data to aid their research, and they leave no trace of their work for the opposite party to sense suspicion.

Background check: You can hire a PI to do investigative work around companies, clients, or even associates you don't know enough about. The intel will either give you the peace of mind to proceed to interactions or confirm your suspicions and save you from severe damages.

Locating lost ones: A private investigator could help you find a lost relative, a distanced friend, or a sibling separated from birth. If anyone can confidentially locate someone you know, it’s these guys. Gathering evidence: Private investigators can provide you with crucial evidence in cases of a cheating partner, fraud, child custody, and legal battles. It is for these reasons that many lawyers hire private investigators to aid their cases.

How to find the right investigator for your purpose

The investigator you need depends on the type of work they are familiar with. PI agencies usually employ detectives that specialize in different areas. If you want to hire a private investigator, you’ll need someone who has experience working on cases similar to yours and succeeding in them.

You’ll also want to decide what tier of PI you’ll need. It’s best to only work with certified private investigators with specialized education and training in the field. The bigger your problem is, the more qualified your investigator will need to be. But remember that most highly qualified and experienced investigators charge an hourly rate that not everyone can afford.

How much do private investigators cost?

The money that private investigators charge depends on their level of experience and success. The investigator costs also depend on the type of work. Some may need to do night long stakeouts and will thus cost more. Others may just need to pull some strings to get the job done in a day.

The cost of hiring may even depend on their payment structure. Assignment based PI’s may cost less for long projects, whereas PI’s with hourly rates won’t be expensive for short assignments. Some investigators may even require a retainer to earn enough from the assignments.

The answer to how much do private investigators cost typically depends on the type of investigation agency, completed assignments, and the assigned investigator’s qualification.

Depending on these factors, you may be charged as low as $55 per hour or as high as $90 per hour.


Private investigators can be useful in criminal cases where law enforcement isn’t doing a good enough job. They can also help you determine if your partner is cheating on you. Moreover, PI’s can help find lost parents or siblings. Use this article as a guide to choose a reliable and trusted PI.

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