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Torches or flashlights are an indispensable tool whether you’re always out in the wilds and even if you’re a bonafide homebody. They can provide light for when you need to walk the bushes at night or for when you need that extra illumination when you’re reading your favourite book. They are great tools to have on the ready regardless of your location or profession.

That said, we’ll talk about our list to find the best rechargeable torch on the market today. This list is based on the needs of different people from all walks of life so you can be sure to find one that suits you best. Let’s begin.

1. Best camping and outdoor torch

Different outdoor activities require a different set of features. And while finding one that does all might be a challenge, we’ve found one that can easily adapt to your needs.

We’ve chosen the Fenix CL20R, it’s a rechargeable outdoor torch that is capable of putting out 300 lumens that can illuminate your area to help you navigate through the night. It measures 72mm long, 41.5mm wide, and 50mm tall. The exterior is made from quality plastic which means that it’s lightweight and will not easily break.

Another feature we loved is its magnetic bottom and hanging loop so you can take it with you wherever you go — even when you’re riding your bike.

2. Best LED hunting torch

They say that a hunter is only as good as his tools. That’s why it’s important to always be equipped with the right ones, especially when it comes to torches or a head flashlight. Our pick for the best LED hunting torch is the EagleTac M30LC2 PRO.

It’s a rechargeable torch that does not only give you the light you need when you’re out in the wilderness at night, it also can be outfitted to your rifle. Furthermore, it can throw a beam of light as far as 596 meters which means you can see from afar. When mounted to your hunting rifle, the brightness of the torch can momentarily distract your game allowing you to take that critical shot.

It also features a remote pressure switch and will accommodate two 18650 Li-ion batteries. Make sure you’re carrying the EagleTac M30LC2 PRO when you’re out hunting.

3. Best LED headlamps

These types of torches are ideal for when you are operating in a dark area and you will need both of your hands. On that note, it’s one of the most sought-after torches for professionals who work under these circumstances.

We’ve selected the Fenix HP25R. It’s a rechargeable head torch that can generate a maximum of 1,000 lumens. That said, whether you’re a mechanic working on a vehicle late at night or a professional rescue team member, you’re to spot whatever it is you’ve looking for and have both your hands available to carry out your duty.

In addition, what we loved about the Fenix HP25R is its durability and versatility. It can be worn atop your head so it can be used in hiking, camping, search and rescue, and even cave exploration. And because it’s waterproof, there’s no limit to what you can do when you have it.

From the pack, it comes with an 18650 battery. The device can be recharged using a micro-USB cable making it a headlamp designed with convenience in mind.

4. Best pocket LED torch

This is the everyday tool carried by the police force and your local writer. It has many uses from helping law enforcers patrol the streets at night to simply giving you light to check what got stuck on the ports of your laptops.

Our top pick is the AceBeam EC65. This pocket LED torch is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands but powerful enough to light up your path. You can take it with you almost anywhere you go and can fit in almost any pocket or any bag.

It can produce a maximum of 4,000 lumens making it the perfect EDC tool. This handheld torch is also waterproof so you need not worry about getting it wet in the rain. You can rely on the AceBeam EC65 for your everyday casual and lighting needs.


This list of the best rechargeable torches can be your guide when shopping for your next torch light. Keep in mind the application for use and the requirements you will need before your purchase.

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