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It is not new for startups, SMBs, and common companies to spread their wings across the globe. No matter the size of your business, you will want to use the right tools to help you automate the process across the borders.


One of the components in your workflows is the electronic billing systems to help you and your team improve the accounts receivable processes.


As you might have different IT systems with your partners, there are some issues and challenges whenever exchanging business documents. The information processes can be different between the suppliers and customers. Such complexity has been a common problem.


To work around this challenge, both parties will need to be compliant with the same set of standards in order to communicate with each other. The last thing you want is that your transaction is canceled because the other parties do not understand the language in your invoices. These standards will build such common ground between you and your partners, eliminating all of the barriers.


One of the most popular sets of standards is PEPPOL. What is it anyway? How can it help you to streamline the communications with the other companies or partners? Let’s explore the definition first.


What is Peppol?


PEPPOL is a set of standards that dictate how the cross-border parties exchange business official documents.


The existence of peppol cloud services was initially made for the businesses in the European region to make the members easier to trade. However, this framework has evolved from time to time so that other countries in another continent also adapt it to make the business processes much simpler and safer.


The ones who use this set of standards can be anyone from the public to private organizations across the globe.


It is important to comprehend the difference between the platform and the framework. If one suggests that peppol is a platform, then this speculation is wrong.


The peppol network is the facility that allows the members to connect with other business or organization administrations using the same languages to avoid misunderstanding and make the processes seamless.


For many businesses, they have been doing the processes with international clients and partners around the world. In these activities, it is common to see the uses of e-documents. These documents can revolve around purchase orders, delivery notes, the e-invoicing. E-invoicing is quick, easy, straightforward, and cost-efficient. Ones will not need to spend more expenses for the stationery, paper, and ink to send the invoices to their recipients.


The governments in all countries are enforcing the suppliers and buyers to implement responsible e-invoices. Therefore, the peppol provider comes in between to guarantee the security and clarity of the documents.


Not only for the public organizations, but the private entities have also taken the opportunities to attain the advantages offered by the peppol cloud services.


With the peppol network, it is highly possible to connect to other businesses, industries, and other parties regardless of the country’s differences.


It has been claimed that PEPPOL is an open network that is available for all parties who want to streamline the clear communications between the organizations or members on different systems.


How to optimize e-procurement with Peppol?


The peppol services offer a set of specifications that the members can implement in the existing procurement solutions and systems. So, no matter what your business has used, PEPPOL will help it communicate clearly with other parties, which are also members of the peppol provider.


Through the peppol network, the procurement quality will be much better because all P2P (B2B) processes are conducted automatically based on the framework set by the PEPPOL.


It enables companies across the EU and other continents in the world to exchange documents easily without any hassle and misunderstanding.


The data retrieved from the particular communication will be recorded well. With such structured data, it allows the staff in your company to see accurate insights in order to streamline the P2P process.


The data will be collected and centralized, allowing an easy monitor and analysis of the insights. You can easily trace the business documents because it has been captured well back then. This seamless connectivity will ensure the increased quality of relationships between the buyers and suppliers.


All in all, the peppol cloud services are safe and secure. Those who adapt to the framework will attain the true benefits in every B2B and B2G transaction while fortifying their premises with great protections.


A trustworthy provider like Galaxy GW has made the transacting in the peppol network much simpler and more accessible.


Which countries use Peppol?


In total, 39 countries have been using the peppol cloud services to streamline their business premises. 31 European countries adopt the set of specifications. It is not surprising since PEPPOL was initially created to help the private and public companies in the Europe region. However, these standards have evolved. More and more countries from around the world have turned their attention to the peppol access point provider. These countries are Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, as well as the United States.


In Europe, this framework builds up as the standards of a network of government agencies. It is rising in popularity across Europe and the rest of the world. It is only a matter of time until many countries in Asia also apply the same framework to ease them in communicating with other businesses in European regions.


How do I connect to Peppol?


To join the peppol network, you need to connect your business to a certified peppol provider. One of the top-rated companies to contact is Galaxy GW. They will gladly help your company to join the network so that you can send and receive the business documents, including the electronic invoices, in the appropriate format. Learn more about what you can attain from the peppol access point provider Galaxy GW now.

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