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An entirely new digital audio ad format is giving brands a powerful opportunity to connect with the vast audience of 2.6 billion people globally that play mobile games. The new format is Rewarded Audio which operates much like Rewarded Video except it doesn’t interrupt the user while they play their game. This sophisticated ad delivery mechanism elegantly plays the advertiser message while the gamer is playing - further enhancing the player experience. It adds to a player’s enjoyment by satisfying them with a reward and therefore connects more meaningfully than through a simple passive view of a video. Rewarded audio is set to dominate as a format choice for advertisers looking to win in the ‘attention economy’.

Increasingly advertisers are pivoting their thinking towards attention measurement over impression measurement: getting the reward for high quality creative and content that gets highly focused attention to every message. Rewarded Audio is a natural alternative next step for advertisers looking to move away from crowded visual advertising delivery methods and into more impactful auditory based attention.

“Brands are looking to create better online ad experiences” said Christian Facey, CEO of AudioMob.“ Today’s consumer is more demanding and in gaming they see the advertising as a necessary evil that means they don't have to pay for the premium games that they are playing or for the extra lives or level-ups or other rewards that they need to play those games for longer in a more enjoyable way. Now, with Rewarded Audio ads we have turned a necessary evil into a necessary good. Players welcome the ads because they allow them to keep playing and advertisers love their ads to be welcomed. It’s a big win-win”.

And the market is just as appealing as the method: Video games are expected to generate at least $159.3 billion in revenues through 2020. Mobile represents one of the most sophisticated sectors, where in-game advertising is the leading monetisation method for game publishers. Most mobile games are now built from the ground up to enable efficient, impactful delivery of ads resulting in a $39.4 billion advertising spend in mobile games through 2020, serving the rich mix of demographics that make up those 2.6 billion players.

Rewarded video has, until now, been the dominant ad delivery method in mobile games. Users choose to watch a video ad in return for in-game items - perhaps a new playable character that might otherwise cost money. However, watching a video ad interrupts the playing experience. That interruption can irritate, meaning losing monetising players, lower review scores and more besides. Rewarded Audio gives the player the same rewards but runs in the background while a player continues to play, keeping users engaged and retained. And that is priceless for the brand advertiser who gains attention rather than interrupting.
Rewarded Audio is a direct response to the new digital normal that is emerging: as increasing numbers engage with a greater number of platforms and services, advertisers and marketers need to reassess their audiences’ digital behaviours, and explore new ways to engage them. At the same time, an ever more complicated attention economy is seeing users overwhelmed by messaging, channels, branding and more.

As a result audio is an increasingly valuable means for advertisers and marketers to grab the attention of a wildly diverse audience. There has never been a better time for the arrival of a highly optimised new Rewarded Audio ad format.

“We’ve always had faith in the power of audio to connect brands with highly relevant audiences, while keeping players happy and engaged, and creating better outcomes for brands,” said Ben Williams AudioMob‘s CRO. “Now that faith has been validated by advertisers including Amazon, Honda and McDonalds embracing audio, they’ve seen the power of audio reach relevant audiences, grab their attention and keep users coming back for more.”

AudioMob, the brainchild of ex-Google and Facebook alums, is built on a robust, reliable and relevant framework. The AudioMob DSP provides advertisers with the tools they need to take complete control of the management of their audio campaigns. Advertisers have their own custom DSP, including a bidder to buy in-app gaming inventory at scale, and the option to overlay third-party data to create user segments and analytics.

Using OpenRTB standards, advertisers have full control over CPMs and budgets in real-time. With no minimum spend AudioMob welcomes partners of all shapes and sizes.

As brands look for new ways to shape a better online experience, explore brand-safe environments and drive more efficient outcomes many are looking to  harness the vast potential of games. Audio is set to become a key weapon in every marketer’s warchest. Rewarded as an in-game ad format is here to stay. It’s a revolution advertisers can't afford to miss out on.

About AudioMob

Headquartered in Google for Startups, London, UK, AudioMob is the brainchild of ex-Google and Facebook alums Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng. AudioMob, backed by some of the savviest investors in the industry, is the only company in the world to offer a holistic in-game audio ad solution welcomed by developers and advertisers alike. Its platform enables developers to better monetise their games while keeping players loyal, and advertisers a seamless and highly effective gateway to an untapped gaming audience. For the first time gamers can enjoy their gaming experiences while being rewarded for listening to ads. 

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