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  • Written by Simon McIntyre

House numbers are an oft forgotten part of home design. Though they might seem small, your house numbers can help set the tone for your home, they can help to show your personality, and they are a great design feature for your exterior. Here are some tips for finding house numbers that are going to not only work for you, but that are also going to offer a great design feature.

Placement of Numbers

The first thing you want to keep in mind when choosing your house number design is to think about where you are placing these numbers. If you have a long, narrow space, using modern house numbers that are arranged vertically might be your best choice. If you have a space that is very large and wide, you may be able to choose larger numbers that are going to be arranged horizontally.

Looking at the placement of the numbers can help you to determine what numbers might work best for you and what is actually going to look great on your home. Much like you would consider the space when buying furniture, you do need to take the time to look at the space you have for hanging your numbers to help impact your choice.

Colours and Finishes

Another thing to keep in mind is the colour that you choose for your numbers as well as the finish. The colour of your numbers can help make them more noticeable, it can help them stand out against your home, and it can also help you love your house numbers a bit more. Choosing numbers that are a fun colour and that compliment your home and that you love is one of the best tips that you can follow.

You can get numbers that are a plain or normal colour then customize them once you get them home and you can also get house numbers that are fun in terms of finish. You can get great numbers that are made of metal so they are shiny or a bit more striking, you can get wooden numbers, plastic numbers and so on. Metal house numbers are going to be very durable and super trendy.

There are tons of different colours and finishes for possible house numbers. Taking the time to look at a few different options so that you get an accurate representation of what your house numbers might look like and what might work best for you. There are tons of beautiful house number options out there that you can choose from that will work for you and look great on your home.

Font Style and Overall Size

The last thing to consider with the overall design of the house numbers you choose is to think about fonts and the size of the numbers. Obviously, something with a very traditional font is going to be easier to read than a font that is more modern, but that might not fit your overall style. If you have a font that you love, try to see what that font looks like in different sizes so that you can find the size that fits the font that you like.

You can also do the print out option that is going to show you what that particular font looks at different sizes. There are tons of beautiful fonts out there, and even fonts that might seem harder to read can be easy to read if you find the right size for that particular font.

Taking the time to look at different fonts that are out there, different styles and sizes, can allow you the ability to see what some of these numbers have to offer and to find one that you are going to love for years and years. House numbers that are a high quality are not an investment to be taken lightly. When you do order new house numbers or purchase numbers that are going to work well, it is always best to take your time to find numbers that you love.

What Numbers are Going to Work For Me?

When it comes down to it, the best way to see what letters are going to work for you is to take the time to look at what options there are and to see what you might like and what might look great on your home. There are plenty of options out there and with the right house numbers, you can be so happy with the way that they look.

It is far better to take the time to find the house numbers that work well for you than it is to just take whatever numbers you have on hand and whatever numbers you can get. Quality house numbers are not only going to work better and last better for you, they are also going to be something that is going to work for your home for years to come.

It is always a great idea to look at all the options out there and find house numbers that you love and that will work for you.

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