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The most common question tree doctors get asked is, how much does it cost? There is no one exact answer because there is no one exact tree. Every property, every location and every tree is different, meaning that prices need to be individually matched to fit the situation. To find out the best approach to handling your tree care requirements, you’ll need to really get into the details of your particular job.

What an arborist does

Arborists specialise in all things trees. As well as taking care of trees and assessing their health, they can also safely and effectively remove trees that are diseased or cause a risk to the surrounding property.

Arborist expertise includes:

  • * Tree health

  • Removal assessment and advice

  • Canopy pruning

  • Lopping (removing big branches for aesthetics)

  • Tree removal

  • Wood mulching

  • Stump grinding

  • Land clearing

  • Emergency tree removal (particularly after storm damage)

The cost of hiring an arborist

Different arborists charge different rates depending on their company structure and location. It’s well worth requesting a written quote from your preferred local arborists rather than trying to calculate costs from the service prices yourself. A quote will take into account your specific requirements, including the tree size, how close it is to buildings, access points and waste removal.

Average cost per service

It’s important to note that average arborist service prices are only a guide and may vary considerably between companies and for different situations.

Tree Health Assessment - $30 - $150

If you want an arborist to check the health of your trees and offer advice this is a cheaper option than a full report. Your arborist may waive this fee if you go ahead with their services.

Arborists Report $450

Unlike other arborist services, this 10-20 page detailed report is typically a fixed price. $450 is the average but you can get reports to submit with your council permission papers for as low as $300, and as high as $700 if you have multiple trees for removal.

Council Permission - $50 -$150

The cost of the permission for tree work goes to your local council. You will need to request permission and submit an arborist report for most tree removal work, and perhaps even canopy pruning and lopping work as well.

Pruning - $423

Tree pruning can cost between $200 for small jobs to $1,200 for large ones.

Tree Lopping - $560

Arborists will avoid lopping unless it’s essential as regrowth is often poorly attached and can snap, creating hazards. Expect prices from $350 to $1,500.

Tree Removal - $700

This is the average tree removal price Sydney wide. Costs will depend on your tree size:

  • 8 metres and under with a narrow trunk= $150 to $500

  • 8 – 23 metres with a wide trunk = $200 to $1,000

  • 23 metres + = $1,500 and over

Stump Removal - $250

This requires using stump grinding machines. Prices start at around $120 and usually stop at $350 unless it’s a particularly big and difficult stump.

While every tree may be different you can expect one thing from the arborist you choose to complete your tree work: a professional approach. Having a skilled arborist remove your trees or old tree stumps, trim, resize or look after your trees is essential for your safety as well as the protection of the surrounding property.

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