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In your home, plumbing is an essential system that must be maintained regularly. It's estimated that most people will call for plumbing maintenance once three years. However, it doesn't have to wait for three years. You will come across various small issues like leakages and dripping faucets.

Plumbing issues can come in all forms, from minor repairs to major repairs. Some of the major plumbing issues may include a major pipe leak which leads to damages to your property. Contact Inner City Plumbing for specialist help with any plumbing issues.

The problem is when the toilet water flows back to the system to contaminate water in the kitchen. This is health hazardous. The best solution for such an issue is to hire a professional plumber to install backflow prevention in your system.

That well said, let's look at other significant plumbing issues you are likely to come across in your house.

1. Slow Draining Sink

When there is a blockage in your draining sink, it blocks water flow. So, you are likely to experience this in your kitchen, especially when you drain things like food remnants and congealed fast.

If the slow draining is in the bathroom, this could be easily caused by soap and knotted hair.

To clear a clogged sink, try using a plunger, chemical clog remover, plumber's snake, or pouring down vinegar and baking soda. If you don't tackle this problem early enough, it may block the drain completely.

2. Dripping Faucets

These are some of the common plumbing challenges that occur frequently. Most likely, you have also experienced them. The problem isn't only with a faucet replacement. Delaying to make repairs can push your water bills up.

In a year, a single faucet will drop hundreds of gallons. The lost water will not be appropriately utilized. This could lead to massive loss.

However, in most cases, this could result when the internal washer becomes stiff, torn, worn out, and even dislodged over time.

If you have basic DIY skills and plumbing tools, you can easily replace the faulty washer.

3. Clogged Bath and Shower Drain

The other plumbing problem likely to experience is when your shower or bath drain clogs. This will result from soap and hair. However, to clear the clog, you may have to use a plumbers snake or plunger. You can use stainless steel drain grate to avoid plumbing problems.

Sometimes, vinegar and baking soda help to dissolve the clogging problems.

4. Low Water Pressure

When you realize that your water trickles out and doesn't gush, it could result from low pressure. It is a common problem you are likely to experience with old homes. However, it could be caused by leaking pipes resulting from corrosion over time, broken or worn out.

5. Faulty Water Heater

You are not likely to discover you have a faulty heater until you will be in the shower and suddenly water goes cold. This could result from multiple issues.

First, there could be a buildup of sediments that may occur in the tank. This causes the failure of the water heater. The other reason is when the pilot goes out, such that you are supposed to relight it.

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