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  • Written by Samantha Ball

So you want to use less hot water? Using hot water represents a jab-punch combo to the environment’s face. Not only are you using water, a precious resource, but also you’re using energy to heat it. Most forms of energy these days are damaging to the environment in some capacity.

Does that mean we are trying to guilt you into not using hot water? Not at all! However, there are some great tips you can follow to mitigate your use. Check out our favourites here.

1. Enjoy Short Showers

Save the long, relaxing showers for special occasions or days when you’ve had a particularly rough time at work. Keep your everyday showers short and sweet to cut down on the use of hot water.

The average shower head uses about 10 Litres of water per minute. That means if you take an 8-minute shower, you’re using 80 litres of water! If you cut just 3 minutes off your shower you could save 30 litres of water each day. Pretty impressive!

2. Install a Water Efficient Shower Head

Additionally, installing a water efficient shower head that uses only about 6 – 7 litres a minute can reduce your water usage even more while not compromising the enjoyableness of your shower.

Many people imagine struggling to rinse the soap out of their hair or suffering through a pathetic shower if they switch to a water efficient shower head. However, this isn’t true. water efficient shower heads use ingenious tricks to use less water while still providing the pressure you need for a relaxing shower.

3. Buy a Front-Loading Washing Machine

Front-loaders can reduce the amount of water needed per load by nearly 50%. That is quite a significant difference, especially when you consider how much of your household water usage goes to washing clothes!

You can also wash your clothes in cold water to save on water heating costs at the same time as using less water.

4. Buy a New Hot Water System

If you’re about due for a new hot water system anyway, now may be the time to replace your existing system with a more efficient one. Different types of hot water systems will use different amounts of water and energy. However, across the board, systems are becoming more efficient and environmentally-friendly with every passing year.

So jump on this year’s bandwagon with a new hot water system and start saving more water today!

Reducing Hot Water Consumption for a Greener Planet

Who knew that reducing your hot water consumption could be so simple? Many of the tips don’t even require you to change any habits or limit yourself when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life — like a warm shower.

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