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Lamb shanks are a must-try dish if you're looking for a hearty and delicious meal. They can be cooked in various ways. From simple stovetop methods to more intricate oven techniques, there's a way to make lamb shanks to fit any meal plan.

It is a popular dish in many nations. When it comes to lamb recipes, you need the best ones. The key is to simmer the meat until it turns a delicious brown colour. Some prefer them simmered over a low flame, while others like them cooked quickly over high heat. Whichever way you choose, they are always delicious and juicy.

Leg of lamb vs. shank

Given that both originate from the lamb's legs, a shank and a bone-in leg are frequently confused. Shanks is a portion of lamb located next to the flank cuts and sirloin, right above the knee, often less fleshy and more threadlike fibres. The lamb shank is rough and works best when braised. Conversely, the bone-in leg is soft and suitable for oven roasting.

How to Prepare Lamb Shanks?

Lamb shank is best braised because of its hardness and low-fat content. The braising liquid prevents the meat from drying out, and the lengthy cooking time at a low temperature allows the tough meat to transform into a soft and luscious dish. Typically bone-in lamb shanks can be braised so that the bone marrow melts into the liquid and creates a rich, flavorful sauce.

Instead of braising the meat, you may stew it slowly in the slow cooker for many hours at a low temperature. It can also be cooked under pressure while being hydrated. However, pan-frying or sauté shank pieces are not advisable because they will become overly chewy. To preserve moisture, make sure the lid is closed.

Cooking tasty lamb shanks is very easy. Follow the given procedure.

  • Turn the oven's temperature up to 170 degrees Celsius. Over relatively high heat, place a heavy-bottomed casserole.

  • Season the meat with spices and salt after applying some olive oil.

  • Until well-browned all over, sauté for 8 minutes. Now shanks should be removed and put away.

  • The shallots should be cooked in the pan for 4 minutes or until they turn golden.

  • Lamb can also be added at this stage, along with chicken stock, vinegar, red wine, and rosemary.

  • Cover and bake it for two hours or until incredibly soft.

  • Cook some more with no lid.

  • If the top is browning a lot, flip the meat once or twice.

  • The sauce may need to be reduced over high heat, so use a spatula to remove any lipid that has bubbled to the top.

  • Broccoli is an excellent option to serve the meat with. Cook the vegetable with olive oil and mash it. Serve the broccoli mash on the side of the meat.

Advice on how to trim lamb shanks

When cooking, trim away any substantial fatty deposits and the silver skin, a white membrane covering the meat's exterior. You may remove it more easily by loosening the silverskin using a pointy knife.

The tendons should also be cut. The flesh on the shanks will shrivel near the top as they cook. As the shanks roast, the tendons can be cut to make them look cleaner.


Lamb shanks are cheap cuts that are sometimes disregarded in favour of more convenient nearby pieces because they take a long time to soften and demand a great deal of patience. However, shanks are a cost-effective alternative meat piece for chefs. When cooked well, they are delicious.

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