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  • Written by Whitney North

In this article, we will share seven recipes of healthy juice that will boost the energy of your body and naturally detoxify it. You will see juice bars almost everywhere, and they had a pretty lovely reason.

If you drink juice, which is again fresh, then it will help you to detoxify your body, boosting alkaline production, and not just that give you more energy, even a fresh mind.

By drinking juice, you will get the right amount of nutrition too, and help you to lead a stable lifestyle. So, fresh juice can purify the body and make your digestive system works well again after coming from a holiday where you generally eat so much unhygienic food.

Now, let's see those 7 healthy juice recipes to give you a boost.

1. Spinach, Apple & Carrot Juice

It's an excellent idea to hide the intense smell of spinach. Actually, after making the drink, you will get a little bit of pulpy juice. If you strain the liquid, you will get juice without pulp.

But the result is not good cause it will take not just more time but also a less healthy juice. You know that flesh is a good source of fiber.

What You Need

  • Five leaves of Spinach

  • One apple

  • One carrot

  • Cinnamon, (not mandatory, only for good flavor)

How To Make

  • Mince the leaves of the spinach roughly, carrot and apple also and keep them into a juicer. For less thickness, add some water. Blend them in a juicer like Juicer Moz.

  • Strain or take it as it is. Add a little cinnamon as needed.

2. Celery and Kale Juice

If you are very minded to add greens in your nutrient, then this recipe will be very beneficial for you. So you can make your juice with kale, merely, parsley, and cucumber. You can add some slices of chopped pineapple. So it will increase the sweetness.

What You Need

  • One stalk of celery

  • Five leaves of kale

  • One cucumber

  • 2 Tbsp parsley

  • Few slices of pineapple (not mandatory)

How To Make

  • Mince all the ingredients roughly and blend them with the help of a juicer.

  • Strain or have it as it is.

3. Sweet Cravings Juice

Celery juice maintains the perfect level of sweetness and helps you out to lessen sugar cravings.

What You Need

  • Two apples

  • Eight stalks of celery

  • One pinch of cinnamon

How To Make

  • Blend all the ingredients using a juicer. You may add some water.

4. Juice for improving the Immune System

Have this juice to lead a healthy and fit life. Broccoli is full of vitamin C that will boost the creation of white blood cells, also called infection-fighting cells. Again, garlic has antimicrobial properties that boost the immune system.

What You Need

  • One little beet

  • Three carrots

  • Eight stalks of celery

  • One stalk of broccoli

  • Two cloves of garlic

How To Make

  • Chop all the ingredients and blend them. Add some water in it.

5. The Best Hydrating Juice

you might be one of them who wants to sip up juice for getting a healthy life but don't want to buy a juicer; then coconut water is the best option for you.

It will give you the right amount of electrolytes, which is as same as those that balancing the blood. On the other hand, doctors also suggest drinking coconut water to fight with dehydration.

What You Need

  • One youngling, green coconut

How To Make

  • Cut the coconut nicely and drink the water directly out of it.

6. The Best Stress Relief Juice

If you want to relieve your stress, then you would try spinach. Spinach contains amino acid tryptophan. It helps to improve your mind and ensure better sleeping. Besides, it contains magnesium. Magnesium works for relaxing our muscles and nerves.

What You Need

  • Two large handfuls spinach

  • 3 or 4 stalks of broccoli

  • 3 or 4 stalks of celery

  • One big or two little carrots

How To Make
  • Roughly cut all the ingredients and toss them into a juicer glass. You can add some water to lessen the consistency.

7. The Best Digestive Juice

Papaya is one of the good fruits which help to cure stomach issues. Papaya is rich in papain, which is an enzyme. Papain boosts the digestion of protein. But in this recipe, we include some other significant ingredients.

What You Need

  • 1/2 small size papaya

  • Three leaves of kale

  • 1/8 skull cabbage

  • 1piece of thumb-sized ginger

  • One wedge lemon

How To Make

  • Chop them and toss them into a juicer. Add lemon. You can also add water. Strain or drink it as it is.

The Bottom Line

That's all about healthy juice recipes to give you a boost. It's your time to prepare them and enjoy with your family members and friends.

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