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As Seen In Fashion Week: Spring 2023’s Luxury Handbag Trends

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With fashion shows happening all over the world, let’s take a look at which luxury designer bags for women are trending, timeless and new on the market! 

Quilted & Cosy

Almost every luxury brand has a quilted leather bag with a flap already, but this Spring, the big fashion houses have updated this by adding new features, functionalities and style choices.  

Slouchy Bags

This season, the extra roomy carry-all bags have a bit of slouch to them. They come in super soft leathers that are designed to have a teardrop shape, made with a lot of fabric, so they can expand to impossible sizes. This makes them perfect to take to work, the beach or even a weekend away, they’re also designed to fit a lot but not look overfilled, so you can carry your things in style.  

Quiet Luxury Looks

For the ladies out there, who want to find a timeless handbag investment, the current trend of quiet luxury is absolutely something that is a great idea. This is when you buy a bag that isn’t an obituary. For example, Louis Vuitton has ditched the monogrammed leather for a few different bag styles, which you can click here to see.  

Worn In Looks

A worn-in worn-in luxury brand makes a handbag that already looks like it’s seen ten years on someone else’s shoulder, but really, it’s just distressed leather. This look became trendy as people started shopping vintage and appreciating the look of leather as it ages.  

All Natural Materials

Get ready for summer with rattan, canvas and raffia bags. These bags look so airy and replaced, and are perfect for the casual European look, even if it’s on the shores of a beach in Bondi.  

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are definitely sticking around this year, and you can now get them in season-specific summery looks that are perfect to carry all your things right into summer!  

Tiny Totes

While the slouchy bag is growing, the tote is shrinking. Instead of using the traditional tote shape, these trendy small totes have a lower half that looks like a tote, and the handle will be a different material, or made to be a more traditional medium-sized handle. This is to give you a more defined casual look.  

Y2K Vibes

The 2000’s are coming back and if you’re getting déjà vu you’re not alone. The colourful bags with the pickets, rhinestones, buckles and other era-specific features mean that you can get a bag that will suit those trendy low-rise jeans you have.

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