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Ring in the new year in style with a fabulous new clutch bag to complete your look. Whether you’re celebrating in town vying for the best position to watch the fireworks, at a fabulous cocktail party, or enjoying a gathering at home, we’ve got beautiful bags to help make sure you’ve got all your essentials close to hand as the countdown nears closer. Keep reading for our top tips on finding the best NYE clutch bag in 2023.

What to look for in your NYE bag?

When it comes to finding the best bag for new year’s eve, there’s a few features to look for.

  • Size: Opt for something small so you’re not weighed down at your party

  • Shoulder strap: This is our preferred option so you can go hands-free especially if you’re heading out to a crowded party/fireworks

  • Material: Carefully consider the material you buy and choose something that won’t be ruined if a drink is spilt on you

5 Best Clutch Bags for NYE in 2023

Without further ado, here are our favourite clutch bags to take you into 2023 in style!

  1. White clutch bag

Our numero uno when it comes to festive party bags is something white - it goes with absolutely everything and suits a summer themed NYE party perfectly! Try the white Marla Acrylic Shoulder Bag. It comes in a vegan leather which means keeping it clean in case of spills is easy. It’s not too small, not too big, so you can fit all your essentials in here with no problems either. We especially love the marble shoulder chain too which really elevates the whole bag.

  1. Stargazer Acrylic Cluch

Watching the fireworks this new year’s? Get a matching handbag with the too cute Stargazer Clutch from Olga Berg. It dazzles with its mix of glitter acrylic stars. It’s a good material choice thanks to the acrylic outer which means any spills are easily wiped off. That little bit special, it suits a NYE celebration perfectly.

  1. Zara Black Mesh Glitter Bag

Just like a LBD, you can’t go wrong with a LBB! This gorgeous little black bag features a luxe mesh exterior to add plenty of shimmer to your look. Be warned though, it’s not ideal if anything gets spilt all over you! But it is very sophisticated and cute. This vintage inspired clutch will fit all of your event essentials: smart phone, cards, cash and lippy.

  1. Casey Hot Fix Clutch

Too shimmery doesn’t exist when you meet the Casey Hot Fix Clutch! Available in a range of fabulous colourways including pink, blue, and bright fuchsia. It ticks the boxes for its small size which fits just enough essentials, but it’s also fun and fabulous thanks to its two tone crystal exterior which are super sparkly. It’ll be easy to clean too in the event of any mishaps!

  1. Misha Velvet Sequin Clutch

Heading to a 1920s themed party or simply love vintage inspired accessories? The Misha Bag from Olga Berg is a serious vibe! It’s covered in classy grey sparkles and has an extra spacious interior to accommodate a large pair of glasses &/or your favourite makeup essentials. Too cute!

Inspired to find your new handbag for new year’s eve? Make your fashion mark on the new year a good one!

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