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Online gaming is a bottomless industry with an incredible number of games available. More and more users get used to being free to play any of those, any time.

Mobile gaming is on the rise, offering the freedom of choosing from the number of pokies just as varied. However, there are some differences between the two that Australian players should be aware of.

Convenience of access

There is no argument about it - phone gaming is a newly found freedom that so many Australian players enjoy daily. You are no longer home-bound and can play on the go. On your way to work, when you have spare 10-15 minutes during the day, you name it.

A website that offers Australian players a chance to quickly find the right online casino, https://lordsofcasino.com/, reports around 60% of visitors are using their phones. In most cases, they sign up, play, and make their withdrawals/deposits with the selected casino that way as well.

This is a booming trend that cannot be ignored, which has prompted many casinos to offer quite good mobile versions.

Visual appearance and performance

Modern devices are miles ahead of what we had at our disposal a decade ago. And yet in terms of graphics and speed, they still fall short compared to desktop computers.

This mainly has to do with the multifunctionality expected of a mobile device. At the same time, desktop computers, being much more significant, are designed for fewer objectives. That allows players to get superior quality of graphics and excellent speed.

However, it's not a problem these days to find mobile devices that carry impressive specs. These are aimed at customers prioritizing online gaming. That ultimately means the manufacturers have done extensive work on those phone features.

Years ago, downloadable casinos were all the rage. The reasons were simple - lower lag risk and smoother gaming experience. These days more and more casinos switch to offering just the flash-based version.

Flash-based adaptive versions are not what they used to be, either. The design is thought-through down to the last detail. You get all the critical navigation buttons, can deposit, withdraw, and do anything else without any restrictions.

There are still casinos offering both. However, that kind of software may take a significant amount of space on your device. On the other hand, cloud storage is available to anyone interested, making it less of an issue.

Many online gamblers still prioritize the more traditional side of their smartphones. These include making/taking phone calls and staying active in social networks and messengers. They have a clear preference for gambling from their PCs and laptops - for the sake of better visuals.

Player experience

While being a subjective parameter, the personal user experience might become the deciding factor. After all, the variety of games available is insane.

The average casino will host around 700-800 games. Bigger and super popular ones - anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000. Not all of those will be available to mobile players.

New titles by renowned providers do take the mobile trend into account. It's very unlikely for a new hit pokie to not come with a mobile version. This might be true about outdated pokie titles, in which case you won't be able to enjoy them on your mobile.

Blackjack and other live casino games, even though they can be accessed on mobile, offer a different kind of experience. The very concept of live casino gambling means feeling like you are right there. This atmosphere is hopelessly lost if the player is on the go or tuning in for a few minutes only.

Final thoughts

Desktop gambling remains unbeatable if you are looking for an immersive and unique casino experience. There are more games to play, the visuals are better, and you always get smooth playing experience. However, the fact the world is living in the mobile age means being mobile trumps the advantages of using a desktop computer.

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