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While having a pet can be a lot of work at times, especially when it comes to house training and exercise time, they are worth every bit of that effort! Not only are they a pet but often they become valued members of the family. Indeed, science has proven that they can even benefit your health. Here are just five of those ways.

1. Pets Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Did you know that your blood pressure drops when you are petting your dog or cat? It’s true! If you suffer from stress or high blood pressure, a stress-busting hormone is released while petting your fur baby. Stress and high blood pressure are often associated with each other, so if you suffer from hypertension, pet your dog more or let that furry cat spend time on your lap while you pet his (and your) stress away.

2. Dogs Can Help Reduce Allergies in Children

While many people have allergies to dog dander, science has found that households with dogs during pregnancy can help to reduce the occurrence of airborne allergies in infants. Also, children raised around dogs seem to suffer less from allergens as well. Of course, you will want to keep your dog flea and tick free because those will also bite children and may cause an allergic reaction to the pest bite. You can find effective flea treatment like Bravecto online that will keep those critters away from your dog and your child at the same time.

3. Pets Can Stave Off Depression

In the very same way that petting your dog and cat can help to lower elevated blood pressure levels, many people find relief from depression. Not only are they more relaxed but the simple fact that there is a warm being by their side means they are not alone and are loved. Many times, depression is the result of feeling alone in the world and with a loyal dog by your side, you are not alone.

4. Improved Cardiovascular Health

This is true especially in households with dogs. In the act of exercising your dog or walking him for a potty break, you will automatically get more exercise yourself. Keep your exercise brisk enough for improved cardio and you will be living a heart-healthy lifestyle alongside your dog.

5. Pets Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest

Sleep deprivation can cause serious psychological as well as physical problems in humans and it has been found that people who let their fur babies in bed with them are more relaxed and truly do get a better night’s rest. If you suffer from insomnia, get a dog or cat! Heaven knows you probably shouldn’t sleep with a mouse or bird.

So, there you have just five of the ways in which a pet can improve your health. If you suffer from any of the above conditions or illnesses, maybe it’s time to adopt a dog or cat into the family. Just remember to give them the same healthcare as you would a human and you will have many years of loyal companionship.

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