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Important Factors To End Your Curiosity For Stainless Steel Bollards, Melbourne

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Protection bollards can be used mainly as visual and physical obstacles. They come in a choice of sizes, patterns, and shapes. By reorienting and regulating traffic in some kind of a selected area, protection barriers like stainless steel bollards, Melbourne from TKbollards protect lives. To find the perfect one for the new site or project, you need to know or understand the distinctions between different kinds of bollards.

Impact security is not really the thing you have to remember if you select bollards. Barriers of perimeter like these bollards are a specific area that can eliminate unnecessary distractions; it should never be a nuisance for travelers. Unlike certain types of barriers, such as fencing or concrete slabs, the best aspect of bollards is that bollards can limit access to transport and permit road users to move clear at the same time. 

Appealing Feature For Bollard

To fit any architecture or construction style, stainless steel provides a clean, stylish aesthetic. Stainless steel covers can be powder-coated in a variety of colors as a value-added alternative. 

Treatment Bollard

Normally, regular washing with soap and water is adequate to preserve the resistance to corrosion and look of 316 stainless steel. To clean the surface, use a soft nylon brush, wash with mild soap, then wash in clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Additional care may be needed for defective or damaged products. 

Examination Of Protection Needs

Psychological and physical protective measures to forced entry are provided by security barriers like bollards. The dangers and weaknesses have to be addressed during safety and security preparation, and the locations where the bollards are mounted would be safer. 

Danger Element To Be Acknowledged

Unruly vehicles can harm and affect buildings and endanger the lives of pedestrians and passers. So it is crucial to understand the environment and determine how inhabitants and buildings can be affected before installing immovable or moveable bollards 

Factors That Should Be Considered Are:

- Nearness and traffic entry. You have to decide how near the vehicles come to the building or other threat-sensitive areas. Take all areas into account, including on-site streets, city streets, and even parking lots.

-Traffic volume of the region in which the structure is situated. Greater vehicle operation can raise the risk of an accident.

- One more important consideration is speed, as high-speed vehicles enhance momentum and decrease driver response as well. The damage risk of the surrounding building and its inhabitants is enhanced by this.

- It is also important to take into account the level of traffic near the house. There is a major contrast between the effect of a car and a vehicle. So these are the relevant facts you have to take into account. 


Everywhere are bollards. In order to control road traffic and safeguard against smashing vehicles, they are the small vertical posts visible next to parking areas, outside homes, along sidewalks, in parks, and elsewhere. Even, it's no wonder that there are several different forms of bollards due to their flexibility.

The market has a range of styles suitable for your protection or decorative purposes when it comes to cleaning, installing, and producing stainless steel bollards. Naturally, the stainless steel prevents corrosion and rust, ensuring a long-lasting item that looks stylish and safeguards against automobiles.

Panel Beaters Hallam – Proficient Services For Repair And Maintenance

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If you have met with an accident and your car is damaged then you need to search for the best panel beaters in your area. Many companies are offering these services and now with the advancement in technology these companies are also offering mobile services at your doorstep. You can consider panel beaters Hallam as the best options for you so try to give them a chance to visit your vehicle. If you have insured your car or vehicle then you need to search for the panel beaters that accept the insurance claim.

The best thing with taking services from these professionals is to ensure that you have given your vehicle to the right persons. They have years of experience in the field of panel beaters and have professionally trained individuals with them. Also, they employ the experts to your vehicle so that you can save your time and resources. If you do not pay attention to the selection of these professionals then you have just wasted your time and you might have to pay more resources in the long run. Most of the things need to ensure before you have selected these professionals.

While you are searching for the best services providers for panel beaters you can consider their price packages as well as about their services. They also maintained their portfolio so you can check the feedback of clients before you have given them the task of repair or maintenance. Do not forget to take services from panel beaters Hallam in this regard as they know what type of things are necessary for repair. You can also ask them to give you an online quotation so that you can compare their prices with other options available in the market. Most of the work can be done with only minor repairs but when you do not pay attention to the repair work then it might take you in the stage of replacement. The experts will examine the part or panel of your vehicle and then they will ask you to provide instructions on whether to repair the part or you are willing to replace it at once. If the panel was damaged due to minor accidents then you need to repair it first but if the panel has already been repaired several times then it is highly recommended to replace the part rather than taking the risk of repairing it again.

Do not give the task of panel repairing without getting the quotes from two or three experts. You can use internet services in this regard and then give the task of repair to a cheaper expert. The panel beaters Hallam is considered as the right choice for you because their rates are very cheaper and low as compare to other competitors available in the market. Another thing to consider before you have done with the selection of these experts is to ensure whether they use modern machinery. If they are using the right machinery and trained staff for the repair work then they are providing quality work for you.

These important factors also show that you are dealing with a professional company. If they do not use proper expertise in the repair process or use substandard things then you have to face problems in the future. The panel beater requires full concentration and complete kit for resolving the issue as it causes problems to the drivers. The main reason why people are so conscious in the selection of these experts is that they know that this part is very much important.

When you have properly repaired or replaced the part that is defected then you will see that there is no effect on the price of your vehicle. Also, these things are required for safety measurements or precautions so try to do that kind of work on time without any delay.

Outdoor furniture Sale Melbourne | Remarkable Furniture

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Not only are the outdoor furniture today beautiful, but the look is additionally sophisticated, and also the material is extremely durable. The outdoor rooms aren't just porches, terraces, and indoor comforts. Remarkable outdoor living offers a good range of lovely and durable outdoor furniture so you'll cash in on the outdoor furniture sale Melbourne.

Whether you're relaxing near the pool or making dinner on board, the right set of garden (outdoor) furniture differentiates the casual garden from your own personal outdoor utopia. Just a couple of patio chairs or a standard table isn't enough here to beautify your patio. You want materials and products that are durable and ready to withstand bad weather and melting heat. It's also important that the outdoor equipment matches your style.

Assessing the conditions of the outdoor living space is extremely important. You'll determine what features the equipment in your garden should have by considering the traditional weather in your backyard or patio.

If your residence is usually sunny and warm, Chairs and tables that are resistant to heat and UV radiation are going to be surely the best choice for you ensuring that they're going to not fade, lose their color, and can not become brittle as time passes.

Outdoor Lounges, Outdoor dining sets, Daybeds, Benches, Outdoor furniture clearance, Outdoor tables, Sun Loungers and Outdoor Umbrellas are some of the categories in which you can shop the outdoor furniture sale Melbourne.

Outdoor lounge chairs:

The outdoor deck chair may be quite light and a folding chair. It also can be called a leisure chair. it's easy to hold. it's essential equipment for outdoor tourism, also as leisure furniture really important for the garden villa and swimming bath.

In calm evenings, lying and relaxing on the outdoor lounge chair, watching the sunset slowly falling, the afterglow sprinkled on the vast sea will really be a thing to remember. a variety of these outdoor lounges are available and you can order them online from Remarkable outdoor living and can get satisfied by this outdoor furniture sale Melbourne.

Outdoor Chairs and Tables:

The classic look within the garden is that it uses wooden folding chairs and tables, where handmade wooden outdoor tables and chairs lend traditional elegance to your garden. You can also select ornate and floral patterns which will give your garden a tremendous, fresh, modern, attractive look. Due to the lifestyle changes and therefore the need to connect with nature and loved ones, families are now understanding and taking advantage of their underutilized gardens and courtyards. It's better to invest in fresh ideas as compared to form huge spendings like buying a brand new house etc. The backyards can be utilized very efficiently and easily by investing a bit within the outdoor furniture, making your evenings rememberable.

Outdoor Rocking Chair:

The lawn or terrace is a place to relax, spend time together with your loved ones, and watching the warm sky. A wooden outdoor rocking chair increases the setting, be it a single chair or bench. Rocking chairs add elegance to your patio while maintaining an intimate look. The outdoor rocker with the existing wooden terrace furniture complements a little relaxation in the atmosphere.

Bottom Line

These were just some of the items discussed above, for detailed information, exploring much more and making your house a home visit Remarkable furniture outdoor living. Through Outdoor furniture sale Melbourne you can make your backyards more beautiful and lively. The durable material used will let your furniture last longer. Remarkable outdoor living provides services online so that you can order from the comfort of your home without facing any hassle.

Boom Gate Installation Melbourne

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The boom barrier is also known as the boom gate. The boom gate is a barrier that keeps the boom from entering vehicles or pedestrians through controlled arrows. Normally, the boom door tip will rise to a vertical position in a vertical spring. The gate barrier controls the entry of vehicles at the entrance and exit doors. Boom gate installation in Melbourne consists of fixed metal blocks that function electronically, block unknown vehicles at the entrance and exit doors, and allow them after proper authentication.

Operating a boom gate

The manual barrier can be locked in the open and closed positions, providing flexibility and easy and convenient access when you need to limit unauthorized access of your vehicle to parking lots or sites. Barrier gates are the perfect solution for controlling access to blocks, conduits, and parking lots. These are the first security networks to help manage and monitor traffic flow by using the Boom gate installation in Melbourne. These doors are mounted on medium or long-range proximity readers. The loop detector helps the boom door to operate automatically in response to vehicle movement. The boom door opens automatically when the vehicle stops at the hoop. The door remains closed when the vehicle is outside the turning zone.

Types of most used Boom Barrier

With the proliferation of shopping malls and huge projects, security concerns are driving demand for blast doors. Press buttons, remote controls, RFID tags/RFID readers, loop detectors, and third-party access control devices. Boom gates are typically located at level crossings, two points, parking lots, checkpoints, and access points to restricted areas. These are also common ways to control the passage of bus stops without using Boom gate installation in Melbourne, some of which are automatically controlled to limit movement during road closures or road closures without the involvement of road workers or legislators. Also available in the fast access corridor. Obligation to use vehicles to block roads. Some boom doors are automatic, some are electric, and others are manual. Manual doors may be hung in the form of simple doors.

Boom barrier system

The boom barrier is also known as the boom gate. The boom gate is a barrier that keeps the boom from entering vehicles or pedestrians through controlled arrows. Normally, the boom door tip will rise to a vertical position in a vertical spring. The boom barrier consists of poles or barriers that rotate from a fixed point and move vertically. This bar or pole allows access to any vehicle or person through the entrance door.
Benefits of boom gates

For commercial and residential real estate, traffic flow management, security cost savings, parking revenue, fast privacy, and efficient use of space, long service life, and easy access when electricity is available. Security is very important today. Failure Automatic door access is very convenient. You can also activate at a distance of 20-30 meters. You no longer have to get out of the car to open the gate. If you have multiple cars, many of Melbourne's electric gates can operate from multiple distances.


Setting up an electrical access road can be expensive. This ranges from door purchase to installation service. Pay installer management. Most companies offer free after-sales service for some time. However, over time this can be very expensive. If the power is interrupted, the system may fail or someone on the premises may be inconvenienced.


Safety issues are the biggest reason people are more concerned about electric doors in Melbourne. No physical force is required to open or close the automatic door. There is a security code on the side of the door and visitors must enter the code into the access control system to open the door.

Automatic doors are available in durable, sturdy, and customized sizes. This is the first security system to guarantee the security of your property. For added security, Maglock can be attached to the door. Maglock is an electromagnet that becomes fuel when the door is closed. It is difficult to open the access road because it requires more than 500kg. Melbourne's automatic doors keep your child safe and allow you to play safely on-site without getting in the way of strangers similar to Boom gate installation in Melbourne used for the market's safety and road safety.

A Guide to Buying Retractable Awnings in Melbourne

  • Written by Patrick Watt

Awnings are a functional and decorative addition to one's deck and patio that provide shade. With summer right around the corner, most of you homeowners are probably wondering how to choose the right retractable awnings for your home. From colour to material, selecting the right awning for your home and business is crucial. At least to get away from the scorching sun. Finding the best canopy hanging for your entryway is one choice you can't get wrong this coming month. Here are some tips that can help you select an impressive retractable awning here in Melbourne.

Size of the awning

When buying awnings in Melbourne, choosing the right shape and size is essential. Different sizes may not suit your intended purpose; choosing either very large or petite awning sizes than one's patio or deck can end up being a waste. Smaller awnings are considered decorative, while larger ones are intended for shade and providing more coverage. For retractable awnings, the canopy size is also determined by the storage space available once it's removed.

The material used in making the awning

Awnings are predisposed to various weather conditions. Despite the shorter time frame of exposure, retractable awnings have the material used to keep it durable permanently. Retractable awnings can be made either from fabric or aluminium. Shelters that are mostly intended for customization and décor are made chiefly using material. Aluminium-based ones usually serve for durability since they have less maintenance. For most homeowners, aesthetics are more preferred when using retractable awnings; thus, fabric ones suffice.

Colour of the awning

An often-overlooked factor that many homeowners ignore is choosing which colour their retractable awnings should be. Wrong colours selected often end up ruining one's home outlook, as it may end up sticking out like a sore thumb. For both beauty and durable aesthetic design, bright colours that match your premise is very crucial. This also serves an objective function where vibrant colours tend to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. The resultant effect is having a more refreshing patio or deck when using the retractable awning.

The warranty offered on the awning

When buying a retractable awning with any other goods, a warranty is often an assurance that a product is of high quality and very durable. Guarantees are issued to cover situations where an awning fails to perform or get compromised, and the manufacturer accepts a free repair or replacement from the buyers. Reputable vendors will often sell shelters that have a guarantee of more than one year. Buying retractable awnings without any warranty agreement is highly discouraged.

Cost of an awning

The decision to buy a retractable awning will ultimately come down to what it will cost. On average, the cost of purchasing an awning in Melbourne ranges from $650 to $3843. However, this price is exclusive of installation cost, which can also vary between $175 and $450. One of the best places to get the best prices in Melbourne for quality retractable awnings and installation rates is through Awnings By Design. It is highly recommended to buy quality awnings even when on a tight budget. Cheap and inexpensive awnings often break down quickly and result in misspent funds.


As the use of retractable canopies becomes more popular, making the right decision in selecting one comes down to the points mentioned above. When it comes to home improvement, settle down in Melbourne requires an excellent awning for the summer months to come. Find out more about their services. A right selection will provide sun protection for your home and offer an expanded space on your patio or deck for outdoor entertainment.

About the Author

Patrick Watt is a content writer, writing in several areas, primarily in business growth, value creation, M&A, and finance. Other interests also include content marketing and self-development. Say hi to Patrick on Twitter @patrickwattpat.

The District Docklands is open

  • Written by a Guest Writer


Get easy access to delicious food, groceries, fresh food and essentials – all from the comfort of your car, 7 days a week! Find out more.

From Friday 1 May, customers can shop from the wide range of stores and dining outlets at The District Docklands and their fresh food precinct Market Lane through the new Call & Collect program, which sees purchases delivered straight to their vehicle, whether it be a car, scooter or bike, however they choose to travel! 

This initiative allows customers to have contactless access their favourite stores and services. Customers can order and pay over the phone or via tap-and-go upon collection, and stores will advise kerbside pick-up times. 

Participating stores include: 

  • Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki 
  • The Butcher Club Epicurean 
  • Docklands City Pharmacy 
  • Health Kick 
  • Sushi Yuzen 
  • Jon Smith Subs 
  • And more stores coming online weekly! 

Fresh food and grocery collections are available between 1-3pm and 4-6pm daily. Restaurant and café collections are available as per customer arrangements with individual operators. 

“It’s important for us to innovate our offerings to ensure that Melburnians can still access their favourite stores and restaurants, while keeping our community safe,” says The District Docklands CEO George Karabatsos. “Our Call & Collect service allows our customers to continue to make the most of all that The District Docklands and Market Lane have to offer, and allows us to support our operators during this difficult time.” 

“Being part of The District Docklands Call & Collect initiative means we can package our chef-cooked meals, meats and drinks ready to go directly to our customers,” says Leonie Fryar, Marketing Manager The Butcher Club Epicurean. “From delicious meatballs with Napoli sauce, gourmet pizzas and hampers to pub-style parmas, Cape Grim steaks and lasagne, we’re offering our wide range of favourites, to help people recreate a special date night in or a restaurant meal at home with matched wine and beer”. 

More stores at The District Docklands and Market Lane are expected to join the Call & Collect service in the coming weeks. 

The District Docklands is also offering 90-minute free parking for all customers as a way of saying thank you for their ongoing support. 

For more information, store contact details and Call & Collect menus visit: https://www.thedistrictdocklands.com.au/news/centre-news/the-district-call-collect/ 

The District Docklands remains open to provide the local community with products and services. The District Docklands has a commitment to supporting employees and customers during this time. 

Health and safety and The District Docklands 

  • Free 90-minute parking to all customers 
  • Installation of hand sanitiser dispensers in fresh food precinct amenities and entries 
  • Installation of social distancing signs and floor decals 
  • Government mandated social distancing measures in all retail locations 

About The District Docklands: 

The District Docklands is Melbourne’s indoor/outdoor precinct for food, shopping, dining, entertainment and attractions. Opening in 2008 under the name Harbour Town, the centre has received a $150 million facelift between December 2014 to November 2017 when it relaunched and repositioned as The District Docklands. 

Today, the shopping precinct is home to over 120 retailers including internationally recognised and loved brands UNIQLO, H&M, Skechers and Miniso, as well as an Endota Wellness College training centre, a circus-themed entertainment hub and Australia’s most technologically advanced HOYTS. 

In October 2019, The District Docklands launched Market Lane, the largest and most accessible fresh food precinct within a 5km radius of the CBD. Retailers at Market Lane include Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, The Butcher Club Epicurean, MarketPlace Fresh, Empire Asian Supermarket, China Bar and a number of independent retailers. 

One-Stop Shop for Male Entertainers in Melbourne

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No girls’ night out is complete without male entertainers. You don’t want a dull and lifeless event, do you? You need to spice up your occasion with some of the best male strippers around. Sky Strippers is the one-stop-shop for the best strippers in Melbourne. With top-notch events and the best strippers around, you can get entertained all day round and live with the memory for a lifetime.

Why Sky Strippers

There is no better place to shop for male entertainers in Melbourne than Sky Strippers. A team of expert party and event planners, Sky Strippers has helped a lot of girls to organize a brimming hot party. With the creativity and expertise of the entertainment agency, you are sure to get an exceptional event suitable for you and your girls.

Furthermore, the team at Sky Strippers comprises experts in all fields including marketing services. If you are unsure of the right type of package that would suit your occasion, feel free to contact the marketing coordinator to get an idea of the right event. You can even hire venues and customize your event with special packages and optional extras while also hiring the best strippers in Melbourne. Furthermore, Sky Strippers is open round the clock and you can get inquiries on the services any day and any time.

Customizing Your Event for a Blast

No matter the package you wish to choose, you can further customize it to suit you even more. Every package has optional extras or add-ons that can be used to make it more specific for you. For instance, you can add videographer services as an add-on to home visit deals. You can even add full nude male stripper performance and mobile video compilation of your services as an add-on to the package. Topless Waiters Melbourne is the place to source bar staff.

Booking for Your Choice Package

Sky Strippers makes the process of booking for the packages super-easy. This makes it easy to get the best male entertainers in Melbourne with just a few mouse clicks.

To book for the service, click on the “Book Now” button on the website. This will prompt you to choose the type of package you want and once you do that, you will be required to further specify the features of the services. The features include the “Event Date”, “Start Time”, “Location” and the services you want. You can also add as many quantities of the service as possible.

Payment can be made online through the secured payment gateway. You can pay with your debit card with just a few mouse clicks.

Get the Best Male Entertainers Now

Getting the best male entertainers and topless waiter services does not have to be difficult. Sky Strippers makes it a lot easy for you. You can make inquiries any day and any time by calling, emailing or using the contact form on the website.

Sky Strippers’ customer services respond to queries and inquiries as fast as possible so you can be sure to get the answers you seek almost immediately.

Sensitive Santa & Xmas Pet Photography | Northland Shopping Centre

  • Written by Skye Vadas

Sensitive Santa
8am – 9am, 2nd December – 7th December
8am – 10am, 8th December
Location: Northland Shopping Centre
Sensitive Santa allows families with a child on the autism spectrum to have a photo with Santa without the hustle and bustle of Christmas crowds. Sensitive Santa will be offered this year in the centre’s amazing Santa set the ‘Woodland Wonderland’. Children on the autism spectrum will have the opportunity to meet Santa and all his Woodland companions before trade!
Pet Photography
6pm – 9pm, 3rd – 4th December
6pm - 9pm, 10th – 11th December
Location: Northland Shoppings Centre
Get the paw-fect family photo this Christmas! Bring your four-legged friend to Santa’s 'Woodland Wonderland’ to snap a celebration photo with Santa.

Get the rockstar treatment at Melbourne airport

  • Written by DriveMycar

Having a chauffeur meet you at the airport usually means you’re a pretty big deal. But if you’re flying into Melbourne, you can knock this off the bucket list for a lot cheaper than you think.


The rockstar greeting is all part of the experience with a new luxury car rental service that has launched at Melbourne Airport. Starting from only $73 a day, business travellers and tourists can travel at a level of luxury usually reserved for the rich and famous, with a range of new Mercedes-Benz cars available for hire including A-Class, B-Class, CLA, C-Class, X-Class and GLA vehicles.


The VIP treatment extends to the car pickup, with customers able to bypass the usual crowded car rental desks and having to hike over to the car park with their luggage. On arrival at Melbourne Airport, customers are whisked away from the domestic or international terminals by a valet driver, who chauffeurs them to the nearby Mercedes-Benz Melbourne Airport dealership to collect their vehicle.


The initiative is being offered by DriveMyCar, Australia’s largest online peer-to-peer car rental service, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Melbourne Airport, a member of LSH Auto Australia. LSH Auto Australia is a part of LSH Auto International, the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz passenger car dealer group.


DriveMyCar CEO, Chris Noone, commented: “We’re excited to work with Mercedes-Benz Melbourne Airport to introduce new ways for people to access some of the best luxury cars in the world. Mercedes-Benz cars are exceedingly popular on DriveMyCar, and providing access to a luxury experience for visitors to Melbourne Airport is yet another example of DriveMyCar innovating in the car rental industry.


He continued: “This collaboration will appeal to tourists, business travellers and those seeking to experience Mercedes-Benz for weekends away or extended vehicle evaluations. We know that user experiences in rental vehicles can often influence purchasing decisions down the line, and we are confident this will help drive home the value of Mercedes-Benz to new audiences.”


Dealer principal of Mercedes-Benz Melbourne, Vaughan Blackman, commented: “This is a great initiative to allow new customers and travellers to access and experience a range of luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are excited to be partnering with DriveMyCar to help deliver a simple, convenient and premium vehicle rental service. It is also in line with our LSH Auto brand promise to our customers: “YOU COME FIRST. ALWAYS.” We feel this is a great addition to the service offerings from our Melbourne Airport dealership and LSH Auto Australia.”


The new service, available now, can be found online here.



About DriveMyCar:

Founded in 2010, DriveMyCar is Australia’s first and largest peer-to-peer car rental service. For vehicle owners, it provides an opportunity to earn money by renting their vehicles to renters who have undergone ID verification and credit checks. For renters, it provides a wider selection of vehicles and significant savings over traditional car rental companies, especially for medium- to long-term rentals.

Seemingly Random Melbourne Cup Factors That Could Be The Difference Between Winning and Losing

  • Written by News Company

Whether you’re a seasoned punter or only bet once a year, there’s no denying that there are a number of factors that determine whether a Melbourne Cup bet is likely to bring you any returns. And although research and information regarding the horse itself along with its trainer and jockey are all vital components of an informed bet, there are many other statistics to think about.


So aside from the obvious statistics you might look for in the Form Guide, what other information should you be thinking about before placing your bet for Melbourne Cup 2019?


Melbourne Cup Barriers


The starting barrier in the Melbourne Cup is the obstacle that keeps the horse in place prior to the race. Each horse is kept behind a different barrier with a different number. These barriers are randomly assigned via the Melbourne Cup Barrier Draw. This draw takes place on Derby Day (Saturday, November 2) towards the end of the day after the final field is announced.


In theory, the barriers should have no real effect on the outcome of the race. The race itself is 3,200metres long and there’s also more than a 1000 metre run down the home straight before the field negotiates the turn out of the straight near the 2000 metre start. Therefore the starting barriers should not have any major effects on the outcome of the race as each horse and jockey has plenty of time to come in before the first turn.


But, despite what makes theoretical sense, historical statistics suggest that certain barriers perform better, or worse, than others. Barrier 18 has the worst statistics of all with zero horses winning from this gate since 1925. However, the most successful barriers since 1925 are barriers 5 (which has had 8 wins) and barriers 10, 11 and 14 which have had 6 wins each.


Saddlecloth Numbers


Put simply, this is just the number the horse wears for the race. And to once-a-year punters, it may mean little more than that, but to the keen observer there is far more to it than meets the eye. The numbers are actually based on handicap weights. The horse carrying the heaviest weight wears saddlecloth 1 and the horse with the lightest handicap wears number 24.


Much like with the barrier numbers, historical statistics show that some saddlecloth numbers perform better than others. Coincidentally, the worst saddle cloth number in Melbourne Cup history is also number 18 with just one win. On the other hand, numbers 4 and 12 are considered the luckiest with eleven wins each, closely followed by number 1 which has ten wins. Meanwhile, number 6 has seen nine wins, numbers 5 and 8 have had eight wins each and number two has had 7 wins. Overall, saddlecloth numbers 1-12 are considered luckier having produced 65% of the wins throughout the race’s history.




The colour of the horse may also be a factor to consider. Though the colour is one of the few physical attributes of a horse that should bare no relevance to its performance on the field, historical statistic may suggest otherwise.


In fact the colour Bay has produced 9 of the last 12 Melbourne Cup winners. So that suggests that horses with a reddish-brown coat with black mane, tail and lower legs are statistically considered more likely to win. Having said that, Bay is also one of the most common coat types amongst horse breeds so you may not wish to base your entire bet solely on the colour of the horse in question!


Ready to place your bets?


When it comes to making a serious bet on the Melbourne Cup, there are a lot of different things to consider. And whilst we agree that the performance records, weight, trainer and jockey are all important things to consider, if you’re serious about your bet, you should also take note of these other useful statistics before making your final decision.


Everything you need will be in the Melbourne Cup Form Guide so make sure you take your time to understand it and take in all of the information it provides. That way, you can be sure that you make an informed decision and give yourself a better chance at winning some money. Remember also that different book-keepers will offer different rates based on their own analysis so shop around before putting your money on a horse.


Good luck and we hope your horse wins!

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