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It is said that erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes more common in men as they age, but that is not always necessary. You might also suffer from ED due to various other reasons. While most of them are physical, some can also be psychological. Experts believe that sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles, stress, and other medical conditions can amount to erectile dysfunction in men. Some other experts also believe that unexciting, monotonous sex life can also psychologically impact the sex drive in men resulting in erectile problems. Such conditions can easily be handled by spicing up things in the bedroom. Increasing the foreplay, creating the right ambiance before having sex, going on impromptu vacations, and using sex toys are effective ways of maintaining an erection for a longer time.

Tips to prevent erectile dysfunction in young men

So, what is erectile dysfunction? ED is simply the inability to have a hard or long enough erection to have sex. While it is common for men to go through a phase where they find it difficult to have a good erection, it can be a cause of concern if the issue persists. Early realization and subsequent medical help can resolve this issue. But there are proven ways of how to prevent erectile dysfunction without medical intervention as well. Here are a few tips for erectile dysfunction.

Have a healthy diet
A diet that is not good for your heart is equally bad for your erections. Just like the heart needs a good blood flow into the arteries to function properly, penis needs proper blood flow to and within it for erections. Including lots of fruits, vegetables and avoiding fatty, fried, and unhealthy junk food is an effective way to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Maintain healthy weight
Yet another way to avoid erectile dysfunction is to maintain your weight. Being overweight causes several other health conditions like diabetes that can cause nerve damage and eventually result in ED.

Avoid high BP and cholesterol
High BP and cholesterol can also damage nerves including those that bring blood to the penis, eventually resulting in ED. Go to a doctor for regular check-ups and get it treated for healthy sex life.

Avoid drinking and smoking
Drinking and smoking in excess can damage blood cells, nerves, and sex hormones affecting your erection. Smoking is especially considered to be one of the major reasons for early erectile dysfunction. Maintain a healthy body devoid of alcohol or nicotine running in your bloodstreams.

Maintain good physical activity
Exercising regularly is a trouble-shooter for various kinds of ailments in your body. But it is especially effective against ED as regular exercise maintains a good blood flow, which is essential for getting a good erection. Running, swimming, aerobics, and cardio are considered effective in such cases.

Keep a check on your testosterone levels
Even in healthy males, testosterone levels tend to reduce with age, especially after 50. It is best to keep a tab on your testosterone levels by visiting your doctor regularly. Exercising also helps in maintaining good testosterone levels even after crossing 50.

Avoid using anabolic drugs
Anabolic drugs that are usually consumed by athletes, wrestlers and bodybuilders reduce the size of the testicles and also impair their ability to produce testosterone.

Reduce stress
Stress is considered to be one of the most critical reasons for erectile dysfunction, especially in urban dwellers. Sex is just as psychological as it is physical and if your mind is stressed with other distractions, it will affect your erection. It is best to keep your worries out of your bedroom and enjoy this physical togetherness without any baggage.

Spice up your sex life
Just like stress, boring, monotonous, and unexciting sex life can become an issue. As sex becomes a repetitive act, the excitement levels drop resulting in mild erections. Talk to your partner, act out each other’s fantasies, use couple sex toys for a new experience, indulge in role-play, create an enticing ambiance, etc. All these new experiences will enhance the pleasure and help you to maintain an erection.

Consult a doctor
If the problem persists even after following the above-mentioned measures, consult a doctor.

Now that we have listed the tips for erectile dysfunction, go ahead and address the issue head-on. ED is more common than it is perceived to be, and some simple lifestyle changes can make things alright for you. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a proven way of tackling this issue, creating an exciting sex life is equally important. In today’s world where couples don’t shy away from enjoying new experiences, the use of sex toys and trying out other sexual practices like BDSM has enhanced sexual pleasure for many. So, let go of the taboos attached to these things and enjoy your sex life like it is supposed to be.

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