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  • Written by Candice Meisels

Achieve the results of a facelift, including upper and lower eyelids, without going under the knife!

The most natural facelift which treats the whole face! Case studies available.

Achieve the results of a facelift, including upper and lower eyelids, without going under the knife!
The most natural facelift which treats the whole face!
Sia Hendry, Founder of You by Sia, and the powerhouse that put laser on the map in Australia, is thrilled to launch Thermique in Australia.
Thermique is the first non-surgical treatment to treat the eye area and the entire face.
It is perfect for women who prefer natural treatments and for those who do not want to use fillers, injectables or go under the knife.
Sia states: “For the past 20 years lasers have been the gold standard in skin rejuvenation until now! You by Sia have a new innovative and exciting technology that is going to change the game on lasers!
Welcome THERMIQUE. The most advanced, effective, safe and proven technology to deliver results better than ablative CO2 and fractional lasers.
This new and exciting treatment will not only deliver results as effective and remarkable as lasers but offers an additional benefit…the rejuvenation and lifting of the upper and lower eyelids.
Unlike traditional lasers, THERMIQUE allows us to safely and effectively treat not only the face but also the eye area! 
Imagine no need for topical or local anesthetics, no long-term discomfort or downtime and results seen in as little as one week. THERMIQUE is an incredible treatment which allows you to return to work in just only 3 days without anyone knowing you’ve had anything done.
Unlike a surgical facelift, THERMIQUE treatment will not only lift, tighten and tone your skin, including the upper and lower eyelids, but also improve and correct pigmentation, redness, enlarged pores and overall the skin collagen and elastin, leaving you with a complexion that will have your friends not only wondering what you have done but feeling envious too!’


Sia Hendry (above).
The facts:

- No Lasers
- No Needles
- No Burning
- No Anesthetic required
- Safe to use around eyes to the lash line
- Only 3 Days Downtime
Case Studies available for interviews. Photos available too.

AGE: 64yrs
Reason: Wanted a facelift but didn't want to go under the knife. Has hooded eyelids and very deep lines and laxed skin.
Has had 2 treatments with remarkable results. Before and afters after 1st treatment and before and afters after 2nd treatment.

Age 48yrs
Reason was crepiness around the eyes, enlarged pores, oily skin and jowls around the mouth becoming a concern.

AGE: 43yrs
Reason: Started to notice crepiness around the eye area as well as skin feeling laxed. Uneven skin tone.
Amazing results after one treatment. Booked in this week for second treatment.

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