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Red light therapy has many benefits. It is also called as red LED light therapy, low-level light therapy (LLLT), photobiomodulation, and cold laser therapy. The light from these devices has a lot of usage. It can treat variety of conditions, like wrinkles, joint pain and irritating wounds that won't heal. Red light therapy can be small or large equipment. It depends on the purpose and usage.

Take a look at these 10 facts about Red Light Therapy for better understanding

Activates Collagen Production – Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body it is available in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage, and ligaments. You may want to consider having extra serving of this essential protein as it can promote skin elasticity, strong bones and muscles, and many other benefits.

Anti-aging effects –There are many uses of red light therapy but it is best known for its anti-aging effects. An alternative is to seek anti-aging treatment Melbourne. It is amazing to claim that a certain wavelength of light can reverse the time and help you look younger than your actual age. Red light therapy powers up the cells to release Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP to increase the metabolism, cell regeneration, and cellular processes. Red light therapy enhances blood circulation and the development of new capillaries. Thru this, more nutrients and oxygen is delivered to the skin that results in a healthier complexion and instant glow.

Promotes Faster Healing – If you want to get rid of those marks and scars from long time ago or if you simply want to have a faster healing process, then a red light therapy may be an option to you. It is designed to help skin cells function more efficiently and repair damage by stimulating mitochondria and stem cells.

Promotes hair growth –Androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss. It affects a lot of men over age 40 and women over 65. Therefore a lot of hair growth products like shampoo, serum and medical drugs are available in the market. Scientific research reveals that red light therapy may be a powerful and drug-free solution to treat this problem. One research review found that red light therapy was not harmful and effective for promoting hair growth both in men and women. It seems to work by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle to activate the phase of hair regrow.

Eases joint and muscle pain – Red light penetrates deeper than other wavelengths, it has the exclusive ability to treat ailments below the surface of your, like joint pain and muscle injuries. Red light therapy was originally used in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Research shows that it can reduce pain and improve grip power among carpal tunnel patients. Also, red light therapy has a positive effect on arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, and other related symptoms. Check this out for more info HALOHEALTHCARE.COM.

Speed-up recovery and boosts endurance.
Red light therapy has benefits for both male and female athletes. A study found that men who practiced intensive exercise and also received red light therapy experienced better performance. While on female basketball players, it is studied that red light therapy improved endurance and promotes good sleep. Red light therapy helps mitochondria produce energy more efficiently, making muscles to prevent experiencing tiredness.

Reduces side effects of cancer treatment. Research done by NASA in combination with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has shown that red light technology can successfully reduce symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including painful side effects caused from radiation or chemotherapy. Using far red/near-infrared light-emitting diode devices (called High Emissivity Aluminiferous Luminescent Substrate, or HEALS in this case) has been shown to release long wavelength energy in the form of photons that stimulate cells to help in healing.

Reduces depression. Red light has been proven to be naturally energizing and is connected with improved moods by increasing confidence, positivity, passion, happiness, joy, laughter, cheerfulness, social awareness, conversation skill. While results vary from patient to patient, there’s reason to believe that LLLT has mental and emotional perks in addition to physical benefits.

Improves sleep. Red Light Helps You Sleep Better. Red light is ideal for evenings because it has a low color temperature, distinguishably lower than a regular sunlight. If you have insomnia switching to natural red light especially during evenings can help your body ease into its sleep cycle in a more naturally.

Enhances weight loss. Red light therapy has positive effects on fat and cellulite loss, obesity control, and cosmetic body enhancement have been seen in numerous clinical trials in current years. It is truly comparable with many solutions promoted for weight-loss, such as medications and surgery, red and near infrared light therapy is a safe, natural, and noninvasive option to becoming healthier and fitter.

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