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Diabetes is one of the most talked about diseases in the world. It occurs when a person’s blood has too much glucose levels, and the body isn’t able to produce enough insulin to keep the blood glucose or blood sugar in check. If unchecked diabetes can trigger a lot of other health issues and might even lead to death.

So, if you have high blood sugar, you should do your best to lower it. You can start by reading about 20 ways to lower blood sugar without medication.

  1.       Trust Supplements

One of the easiest things you can do to control your blood sugar is to go to Yes Wellness and purchase reliable supplements that will help you to control your blood sugar levels. Many doctors these days advise such supplements as they have minimal side effects and do not make you dependent like some medications do.

  1.       Consider Intermittent Fasting

Follow the intermittent fasting method in which you during a 12-hour window and then fast for 12 hours. It will help your cells to be more sensitized to insulin when you eat only the eating window of 12 hours.

  1.       Have More Fiber

If you want to slow down the sugar absorption process, make sure that you have more fiber-rich foods like fruits & vegetables with skin, legumes and whole grains like oats, quinoa, etc.

  1.       Focus on Vitamins

Make sure that you strengthen your immunity and enhance your body’s ability to use insulin by having ample amounts of vitamins like B, C, D, E, K B3, B6, and B12.

  1.       Control the Portions

You should also control your portions when having a meal. Eat slowly and do not wolf down the foods unless you need to. Overeating can damage the bodies of people with diabetes.

  1.       Reduce the Carbs

Reduce the intake of carbohydrates If you want to reverse diabetes, you can try the low carb and high-fat diet. Also, try to ensure that carbs make up only 10 percent of your daily caloric intake.

  1.       Have More Good Fats

Include healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. Some other healthy fats are ghee, coconut oil, nuts, avocado, olive oil, grass-fed butter, etc. They keep you full for longer.

  1.       Include Probiotics

Probiotics not only help with the digestion, but they also boost your glucose metabolism by encouraging a healthy gut microbiome.

  1.       Sleep Right

Make sure that you sleep enough every night. It will improve your glucose metabolism. In contrast, if you don’t sleep right, it can lead to higher blood sugar levels.

  1.   Stop Stressing

No matter whether you have physical, mental or emotional stress, it can lead to changes in blood sugar levels. Try stress reliever options like meditation and yoga to live a stress-free and healthy life.

  1.   Lose Extra Pounds

To keep diabetes in check, make sure that you lose any excess weight you have. People who have extra weight around the abdomen are at a higher risk of diabetes or find it difficult to manage diabetes without medications.

  1.   Exercise Daily

No matter whether you have extra weight on your body or not, try to exercise daily to control blood sugar levels. An ideal combination would be to do aerobic training and resistance training together.

  1.   Avoid Alcohol

Learn to avoid alcohol-based drinks as much as you can because alcohol is usually loaded with sugars and can lead to dehydration. If you must have it, don’t have more than one glass of an alcoholic drink at a time.

  1.   Buy Essential Oils

Many essential oils can help control blood sugar levels and relieve the severity of diabetes. Some reliable ones are davana, coriander seed, cinnamon bark oils, etc.

  1.   Go for Herbs

To control your blood sugars naturally, add more herbs like cinnamon, fenugreek, ginseng, and berberine to your diet as they lower blood sugars while enhancing the flavor of your foods.

  1.   Don’t Smoke

Stop smoking if you want to lower the blood sugars as the nicotine present in cigarettes can encourage insulin resistance. It not only makes controlling blood sugar hard but also leads to heart or kidney issues.

  1.   Have Bitter Melon

The extract of bitter melon has chemicals that work similarly like insulin. Have bitter melon as fruit, juice or dried powder can lower blood glucose according to various studies.

  1.   Monitor the Blood Sugar

In Canada, people measure the blood sugar levels mmol/L or millimoles per liter. If the blood sugar is higher than 11 mmol/L, only then a person is said to have diabetes. Monitoring it will let you know when you can indulge in the cake and when not!

  1.   Get a Dog

Yes, having a dog will keep you active and help relieve stress. It will further help you to keep the blood sugar in check.

  1.   Read Latest Research

Unusual but effective. You should read research like this to know which habits or foods can help in controlling blood sugar and adopt the method if you think it’s appropriate.

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