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Kim Anami, a sexual health and wellness coach, has helped people around the world revamp their lives by using lessons from her sexual salons, which promote healing and creativity through intimacy. Anami has built her coursework from the ground up, integrating decades of knowledge from the philosophical and practical study of sex and relationships. Anami’s clients, some of whom are medical professionals, speak to the reformative nature of her lessons, which help people find personalized ways to overcome blockages that are keeping them from having fulfilling sex.

Anami takes a thorough approach when helping individuals and couples improve their relationship with sex, describing sexuality as an energy force that everyone has at their disposal — as long as they know how to unlock it. “She talks about how there’s a whole world inside the vagina and she’s so right,” said Dr. Selvi Vasudevan, a holistic health practitioner. By learning to explore the different kinds of orgasms her vagina was capable of having, Vasudevan said she also experienced a new level of contentment. “I would just feel, you know, just joyful and happy and fulfilled in a way I hadn’t felt before.”

Michelle McCarthy, a chiropractor in San Francisco, said one of her main takeaways from Anami’s salons is the ability to recognize when her sexual needs are not being met. She said the course taught her to set a higher bar for herself in relationships, with the ability to communicate what's working and what isn't.

McCarthy said she can now notice periods of time in her life when sexual energy has not been the focus and can implement strategies to fix that. “There’s an energy that comes from not caffeine or not a pill, but it’s your own energy that you’re getting to tap into that you don’t need any of those things in order to get to that next level,” she said. “It is all inside you and you can learn to accelerate that and create more of that and really choose to create the life you want.”

Other salon participants say Anami’s lessons have had a similarly transformative effect. “I used to be shy and insecure and could only have superficial orgasms … I’m now able to have every kind of orgasm and I’ve finally stepped into the woman I was always meant to be,” said Sarah Faith, an online business owner, wealth strategist, author, and speaker in Bali, Indonesia. Faith said learning how to more fully step into her sexuality also helped her find success in other parts of her life: “I started making more money and I started becoming more in tune with what I wanted to create in the world.”

Men in Kim Anami’s courses share that they’ve learned to better please their partners by incorporating Anami’s lessons into their sex lives. “I am enjoying sex and pleasuring my woman to a level that we are both very happy with,” said Brad, a participant in Anami’s Sexual Mastery for Men salon. “It has been wonderful to build polarity and feel my masculinity increasing and bringing out even more femininity from my woman.”

Healing and growing are major themes in Anami’s teachings, especially for people with built-up blockages in their bodies stemming from their conditioning around sex and intimacy. “I have a stronger vagina from the jade egg exercises and I have stopped disassociating from my body during sex,” said Dr. Shadia Alam, an integrative physician in Michigan.

Anami’s ongoing salons include The Well-F--ked Woman, Coming Together Couples Salon, Sexy Mama Salon, Sexual Mastery for Men, G-Spot Ecstasy, and Vaginal Kung Fu.

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