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“Everything is possible with orgasms.”

So says Kim Anami, holistic sex coach and viral vaginal weightlifter.

Host Mel Wells on the Love Sex and Magic podcast recently interviewed Anami. With nearly thirty years of Taoist and sexual philosophy training, the coach has a lot to share about orgasms, vaginal strength, and the shortcomings of Kegel exercises.

“The actual exercise involves putting a device inside of the vagina for feedback and resistance,” Anami reviews after researching the history of Kegels, “rather than just flapping your vagina at random in the wind.”

Kegel exercises with an inserted jade egg, Anami explains, are not only more effective—it’s the only way to improve vaginal strength, orgasms, and even urinary continence.

Kim Anami Reviews How Vaginal Strength Training Improves Sex

“Women think that peeing their pants is normal. It’s not normal at all. It’s been normalized because there’s so much misunderstanding about women’s health,” Anami says.

Vaginal weightlifting isn’t just about increasing strength and reducing incontinence, however.

“Lubrication comes from circulation,” a key component of enjoyable sex for women. “If you have adequate blood flow and oxygenation in the tissues, you’re going to have profuse lubrication.”

Jade egg exercises aren’t about creating a small or tight vagina. Rather, they build a strong vagina for more enjoyable, orgasmic sex.

“We don’t want a tight vagina because women can have what I call a “vagina on lockdown”. That’s a condition where the vagina feels really tight and unable to open,” Kim Anami says. This can be painful and not at all conducive to orgasm.

Becoming More Orgasmic Through Deep Penetration

Speaking about penetrative orgasms, Anami says, “there’s this myth or this misinformation that gets perpetuated in Western culture around, oh, some women just can’t.”

It’s patronizing, the sex coach insists. It encourages women to set their pleasure aside, stick to clitoral stimulation, and even desensitize their clitoris with vibrators.

But the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg of pleasure, Anami explains. She states that “90% of all the pleasure, all of the life-changing and rebirthing and self-actualizing, transcendent power of orgasms for women are all in the vagina.”

Kim Anami guarantees that all women can orgasm and squirt from deep penetration. This includes G-spot, cervical, and anal orgasms.

“It’s also connected to the vagus nerve,” Anami explains, referring to deeper orgasm, “which is considered to be the most spiritual nerve in the body and connected to the heart.”

When a woman achieves these deep orgasms, her experience “goes all the way up to the crown chakra and opens her up to enlightenment, opens her up to divine energy and flow.”

Orgasms Provide Life Force Energy for Powerful Transformation

“Sexual energy is life force energy. If we’re not creating babies with it, we can create new projects, new endeavors that channel that energy out into the world,” Anami tells us.

By watching videos on Kim Anami’s YouTube channel, women can learn about yoni massage for releasing tension while awaking and activating vaginal richness. They can also share videos with their male, who can learn breathing techniques to increase stamina in the bedroom.

“One of the major male tasks is to build stamina because if she’s gonna be going to all of these wild and cataclysmic places, he needs to be able to go there and hold the space with her,” Kim Anami reviews.

Don’t have a partner? Anami’s line of couture, glass-blown dildos includes ones specifically designed to warm up, activate, and directly stimulate the cervix and G-sport.

Ideally, sex and orgasms should open up and awaken our state of consciousness and get us to a higher place within ourselves. As Kim Anami puts it, “Are you using sex to put you to sleep or to wake you up?”

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